Sunday, December 30, 2012

Auld and New Lang Syne

I'm a little late to the blogger party, but here I come, breathlessly running into the room with petticoats flying! I've enjoyed being introduced to so many amazing women through blogs, commenting often and posting photos on Facebook. But I wanted to really take part, share more photos, have conversations - so I invited myself to the party!

To introduce myself properly, here are 10 things that describe me and my late-bloomingness:

1.                   I live in Oregon, and have lived in the Pacific Northwest US most of my life.
2.                   My husband is British, and I lived in the north of England for 10 years.
3.                   I got married at 39. I became a (step) grandmother four years later.
4.                   I have an Etsy shop - please go visit!
I warn you, I will be promoting it from time to time.
5.                   I'm not into gardening, cooking, religion, sports or vampires.
6.                   I quit dying my hair when I was about 48. I get more compliments on my gray hair than I ever did before!
7.                   I got my bachelor's degree in Art History at age 33 and my master's at 48.
8.                   In my ideal world I would be a freelance editor of art history books, dividing my time between a craftsman bungalow in Seattle and a mews house in  London (and a third place that actually gets sunshine). Sigh.
9.                   In reality I work full-time in administration in an engineering firm. Sigh.
10.               Ten years to full retirement!

And now without further ado, here is my New Year's Eve outfit. 

 I'm not even sure if we'll be out at midnight, but this will be fun for dinner. I tried it two ways – with belt and without. 

 I think it works better with the belt, but chime in if you have any thoughts. I bought the jacket (duster?) for a wedding a few years ago. It's reversible!

 The jacket and gold top are from Coldwater Creek. Black leggings are Hue, and the sandals have been around for several years. I think I bought them in Chester, England - brand name is Shani.

 The necklace with green beads is from World Market. To match the green necklace I'm wearing an emerald ring that my husband bought me a few years ago, second-hand. I love the sculptural setting. I made the bracelet and the bee pendant, which is in my Etsy shop (

 Gosh, it's fun to dress up! I'm linking up with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. I'll get me a widget as soon as I can figure THAT out.

New Year’s resolutions? I don’t think so.