Sunday, January 20, 2013

Adventure Sunday

We've been experiencing a horrible weather inversion here in the Willamette Valley. We've had freezing fog for over a week with no break - it's like being inside a Tupperware dish, in the refrigerator.

So today we'd had enough, and we decided to go to the beach because, in a weird reversal of fortune, it's been sunny there while we can't even see the sky. It's only 55 miles away, and it was like another world! G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! It was absolutely bloody gorgeous! We had a long walk on the beach, had lunch, then headed back. My husband doesn't like to go back the same way he came, so we took some back roads through the hills. We're talking one-lane roads, partly gravel, partly covered with snow, partly barely passable because of downed tree branches. We saw about a dozen very large deer and some amazing views! But it took forever to get out of there. Fortunately, we got back to the main road before dark, and we are now home with the fire going. What an adventure, but so worth it to see the sun!

Now, what I really want to show you is this -

This is tilty me trying to be creative - I took all the pictures on my own. Thanks for all the tips!
I don't do a lot of sewing, but my sister has a fairly new, portable Singer, which she let me borrow. When I first set it up and sat down to thread it, I thought, it's like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it. But it was different – they'd changed a few guides, and the bobbin holder was more like the really old machine that Mom had before 1965. I actually had to read the manual! And I hate reading manuals.

One thing that hadn't changed, though, is the way a big knot will form in the bobbin case and cause outbreaks of robust cursing.

I managed to re-hem a couple of skirts before I got ambitious and decided to try to make a skirt out of a shirt. I liked the shirt, but I thought I might like it more as a skirt.

It wasn't quite long enough, so I used pieces from another shirt to make the waistband.

It's kind of sloppy (to my eyes), and I will NEVER try to sew knit fabric again, but I think it's usable.

vest - Christopher & Banks; shirt, tights and boots - Target; skirt - Never Ever Again

I thought the rust tights looked good with the dark blue colors, but they're pretty bright here. I am following at least one of the Rules of Tights Deployment (see this post on Already Pretty).

The tights pick up a tiny bit of orange in my necklace (from TzaddiShop on Etsy).

I know a lot of bloggers sew, but I find it just too frustrating. I have enough reasons to swear without adding sewing to the mix.

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The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Wow I wish I had time to play around and be creative. At least that is the excuse I use because it is patience I lack. I love the skirt.

Sheila said...

Great outfit, Val! I love the use of the orange/rust tights to contrast with the blue and pull the bit of orange out of the necklace - well done!

I am in deep admiration for anyone who can sew. I learned years ago on my Mom's old machine, but I was so awful at it!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the sewing. At least with a machine. It's much too complicated for me. I'll take a needle and thread for small projects anytime though.
I'm glad you showed us more than one view because I didn't even notice the colored tights until the second and last pictures. What a great touch! And I'm so loving vests right now so it's great to see this one. I've had bad luck buying them on-line because many of them don't fit and they're not so easy to find in stores right now. I love yours!

Patti said...

Me too, with machine sewing - I think I may have forgotten how to ride the bicycle : > But I really love the outcome here, and the bright tights are perfect. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday : >

Anonymous said...

wow! you did well! I'm so impressed!
The whole ensemble works beautifully..esp the tights!
Glad you got some rays!

A Matchy Matchy Midlife said...

I wouldn't have ever even contemplated it, but you did great!! We are our harshest critics after all. I had to laugh with the bobbin knot and robust cursing. I have been THERE so many times!!! LOL.

Tracey said...

Great DIY project. I have a 1966 Singer sewing machine. This post reminds me that it needs a little tune up (to avoid the constant bobbin jumble and cursing it causes). So I have been sticking to non-sewing DIY or going to the tailor. Perhaps it is time to get it fixed.

And thanks for the idea of adding the waist band from another fabric. I have a skirt from my younger, shorter skirt wearing days. I love it, but rarely wear because of length.

Love, Love, Love the colour in the tights. Looks lovely with the blue.

sabine said...

You did so a good job changing the top into a skirt. It looks amazing. It's always easy to find nice patterned tops but it is difficult to find a pretty patterned skirt. Good that you tried it with the sewing machine. Sometimes mine bothers me but at the end they delivers an acceptable result.
I love your complete outfit, you look great!

sabine said...

Ah I forgot to say, I envy you so much for having a walk at the seaside. Must have been a wonderful trip!

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Wow, wonderful outfit. The skirt is very pretty even if it was frustrating!
The beach sounds wonderful Here in landlocked Kansas we don't have opportunities like that!

pastcaring said...

The skirt looks great, Val - worth the frustration and the swearing!
I am going to try my hand at making something this year (I may have said the same thing last year, but this time I MEAN it!)
And I love the orange tights. There are rules about the deployment of tights? I had NO idea! I'm sure I break them... But hey ho.
And I am liking the photos very much, tilted or otherwise. Did you use a tripod? Is The Photographer out of a job now?! xxxx

Paula Ruta said...

This looks unbelievably good! And you say you dont sew? Looks like you did a fantastic job from here!
I used to sew a lot of my clothes, but i have less patience now--and who says one gets more patience as we age???

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Like baking, sewing is something I can't imagine how people do - for FUN! But they do! Kudos to you, you look great and hardly sweary at all. :)

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

I am just in awe of this... and I admire repurposing. Especially when it looks as good as this, and the waistband works visually... you could tuck in and go! I get it about sewing knits, but you fought the fabric and won! You have a new life skill.
So cute, top to toe. I'm inspired.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Gak! You're not just smart, you're clever! What a fun and creative upcycle Val. And the whole finished look with those awesome boots is wonderful

On one holiday we drove from Eugene over to Newport Beach and found the drive thoroughly enjoyable. What a nice escape for you. We've had a fair bit of fog up here too.

Veshoevius said...

Well done turning the top into a skirt! It's a great fabric and deserves a second life refashioned into something else. I love the way you've combined electric blue and rust in your outfit.

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

I think the skirt and tights are great. I am impressed if anyone can sew knits. I keep reading how easy it is but I have yet to experience it. I am glad to know someone else experiences sewing induced cursing fits. My kids finally stopped asking me to make outfits for them due to the horror it invoked.

Couldn't find an email so will just say make tissue transfers, I use elmer's adhesive spray. A quick shot on the top and bottom of a regular piece of computer printing paper, pat (lightly) tissue paper on and trim. Print. Now that is easy.

Style Sud-Est said...

I can't sew and admire any kind of sewing skills!
Love the idea of a shirt turned skirt!

Misfits Vintage said...

You're so clever! My sewing machine got stuck in reverse a couple of years ago and that it was all the message I needed - can't sew, garden or bake and that's ok!

You are gorgeous - and I love Sal but NEVER MIND RULES - dress how you like! The only rule you ever need to follow is Vix's Law:


Sarah xxx