Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Background

Ah, you think I'm going to tell you about my parents and where I went to school. No, that would probably be a little boring - respectable, no scandals. Instead, I'm talking about the background on my blog page.

I usually surf on my netbook, which means I don't always see the sidebars and backgrounds. It's always a surprise when I use the big-girl computer and can see the full picture! So I wanted to show you the real full picture of my background.

This is a portrait of me that was drawn by my middle granddaughter, Amelie, age 5. She drew it for me when we were visiting last summer. This is her signature style – eyelashes, mermaid skirt, curly hair. And I just love that she gave me glasses!

There's a heart and puffy sleeves, and Amelie's name backwards.

And since I'm talking about my British granddaughter and our trip there last summer, here are some of the best photos I took (no snow here). I used a decent camera and was going to make a calendar with these (which did not happen). I hope you like them.

If you want to share, that's fine as long as you link back to this post (and send me royalties : )).

Wrenbury, Cheshire - this was just after the Diamond Jubilee, so lots of flags
Marbury, Cheshire

Marbury church

Barrington Court, Somerset

Barrington Court

Barrington Court

Barrington Courth

Bill Nighy at Barrington Court!

Stonehenge on the beach near Burton Bradstock, Somerset



Misfits Vintage said...

So much loveliness! AMELIE is my favourite! And the drawing is beautiful and I LOVE the English pics. Lovely lovely lovely! Sarah xxx

Connie said...

Isn't it great the way kids manage to see us as we really are? What a beautiful picture of you!

Anonymous said...

I'm always fond of doorway photos. Especially from other countries.
Your granddaughter knows a masterpiece when she sees one. ;) Do you really have a tail like that??

grunge-queen said...

What a sweet picture, Val, how it must warm the cockles of your heart! And gorg English photos! That's the England I didn't see, having lived there for only three months in the rain and cold! I did visit Stonehenge years ago, though, and it was so awe-inspiring. Have a great weekend!

pastcaring said...

Ahh, Amelie's portrait of you is fabulous! Gorgeous pics of your trip to the UK, Bill Nighy made me laugh (it IS him, isn't it?) xxxx

Sheila said...

So wonderful - the picture from Amelie is so cute, and wow, such beautiful pictures of England! I can almost smell those lovely yellow roses!

sabine said...

Wonderful pictures of a great trip. I never have been in England (only in Scotland), but what I see is exactly that what I feel I want to see there. Pretty blooming gardens and picturesque little towns.
Amelie is a good observer, eye lashes are so important for facial expression. I love to see you in the mermaid skirt.
Have a great weekend, Val!

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Love the photos of Barrington court shed and yellow roses. Gorgeous. You lucky girl!!

Ofelia said...

The English surely know how to use simple flowers and yet make a garden look exquisite.
I just discover you from Bella's blog list and I love the fact that you smile on your photos.

Megan Mae said...

Awww what a great story and amazing pictures as well. Thanks for sharing this post!

pooks said...

I am an Anglophile and my dream is to live there for at least a few months someday. Longest I've spent actually "living" there was two weeks in a tiny Cornish fishing/smuggling village on the coast in 2011, so I am loving your pics.

That image of "Bill Nighy" is spot on. Wow!