Friday, January 11, 2013


Here's a recent thrift find - a sweet black tunic type thing, all cotton, mildly worn, with a puffy collar, big buttons, and pockets.
The original buttons were okay, but I decided to swap them and add some color. I got these blue-jay blue sort of square buttons - bigger ones on the front and smaller ones for the sleeves.

Black leggings are Hue, the boots are from Target
Notice anything funny about this? The buttons are in different positions on each sleeve.
Know why? There are two left sleeves! WTF! I didn't even notice it until I decided to change the buttons. And it's not just the buttons. The seams are positioned differently on each sleeve.

It has a very tiny label that is conveniently illegible, so I have no idea what brand this is, but it was made in China.

Now I'm not sure if I should just leave the buttons, or do something to accentuate the asymmetry. Any ideas?

Oh, I have to mention my leather cuff. I saw one that Joni has from Rimanchik on Etsy, and I could not resist getting one!

Happy Weekend!

PS - Sorry about the quality of the photos - they were snapped quickly at lunchtime in uncharacteristically bright sunlight!


Judith said...

Love the pop of colour you have added to this jacket - really makes it yours! And had a laugh at the 2 left sleeves - you do wonder sometimes...J

Melanie said...

LOL - I've heard of two left feet, but who left sleeves? Whaaa? I'd leave them. What a great story. I like the asymmetry. Your swap-out in favour of colour is a brilliant idea. Great find even with the weirdness.

Déjà Pseu said...

LOL, does that make it a collectible (like when a coin gets minted with two heads)? Cute collar though.

pastcaring said...

How funny! The coat must have been a second, I suppose. I don't think anyone would notice, not that it matters if they do, so as long as it doesn't annoy you, I'd leave the sleeves as they are. The change of buttons is inspired, they look lovely.
Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments, I appreciate it.
Love Curtise xx

Anne said...

The jacket is a great fit on you and I love your boots!

Megan Mae said...

LOVE the button swap. Amazing what a simple switch will do. How funny about the sleeves though! Boggling.

sabine said...

The coat is nice but with the new buttons it is great! Especially in addition with the marvellous leather cuff. I also have a plain coat in my closet, waiting for a remake. You give me an inspiration, thank you!

Joyatri said...

The sleeves are probably why this great jacket ended up at a thrift store. Celebrate the imperfections, I say. You took a nice jacket and turned it into something really fab with those colorful buttons.

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

The button change is such a simple idea with maximum impact. Must review some of my clothes!