Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where are my manners?

Firstly, I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments and for welcoming me to this wonderful party! It's like having an embarrassment of riches, so many friends and so much inspiration online. I'd love to be able to visit even more blogs and comment more often, but there just aren't enough hours in the day!

Secondly, I stand corrected about the relative obscurity of the song Echo Beach (see post here). Several people mentioned it and didn't think it was obscure at all. Of course, the part I related to were the lines about boring work and passing time thinking about getting back to Echo Beach someday. Now I spend my time at work (when I'm not busy) thinking about my next outfit or my next post, so the blogosphere is like Echo Beach for me. Thankfully not always far away in time!

snow leopard cardigan - Target, white tee - Walmart, jeans - thrifted, boots - old

So, skinny jeans. Are they a force for good in the world? This is my maiden voyage with skinny, low-rider jeans (does anyone still use the term hip-huggers?). I thrifted these Levi's so this is a good, inexpensive start.

I love the slim legs, and the vertical texturing on these helps avoid the thighs-like-drumsticks look and makes my legs look longer (although I blew that by putting them in boots). 

Now here's the thing - and I'm going to sound very ignorant - can you get skinny jeans that have a zipper longer than two inches? 'Cause it feels weird to have my waistband circling South America. 

I have an air gap on my muffin-top!

The boots are old. I think they're too tight for tucking the jeans in, but I like the wedge on these boots (not too high) and the long toes 'cause they look a little rad.

 I previously wore the leather cuff here. (Thanks again to Joni and her post on Walking Colors.) I really like the look of the teal cuff next to the black-and-white leopard print.

cuff by Rimanchik on Etsy
Self-promotion alert! The earrings are my new creations. I bought some colored wire and am having a great time with it! I created a few different versions of these little wire and pearl "nests." You can find them in my shop on Etsy.

What's your take on skinny jeans, low-rider jeans, waistbands around Brazil?


PS - Yes, it is really cold here right now, but I took these last week.


Bella Q said...

I love the fact that teal and black and white were inspired by Joni= it indeed looks fresh and chic! I've added your etsy shop to my budding list of etsy peeps! Gonna keep an eye on your goodies!

Déjà Pseu said...

I think you've found the best way to wear skinny jeans: tucking into boots. NYDJ makes some styles that actually have a decent rise. Fun earrings!

Val Sparkle said...

Actually, she just inspired my buying the cuff. Hers is burgundy - which is as gorgeous as my teal one.

Val Sparkle said...

I should check them out, but they won't be as cheap as my $5 Levi's!

Connie said...

Skinny jeans are driving me crazy! I can't make up my mind. You look so cute I may have to pull mine out of retirement.

Anonymous said...

You are making me laugh in my living room right now! But first I have to say I love your leather bracelet. Don't you just love the button closure thing? I think it just feels yummy.
Your air gap cracks me up. I love skinny jeans but also have a hard time with them often being too low, and when you bend at the knees they pull down even lower! Nobody needs to see my onion sack underwear from the back!
I have found some DKNY at Macy's that have a zipper longer than 2 inches and LOFT has some that are okay. It's a tough one though. I have a tendency to hang on to the right fitting pants for a very long time just because of these problems. And if they pants ever get too short, I turn them in to shorts with tights! Give that a try sometime. I'd love to see it!
Super cute cardigan too. You look good in animal print.

Sheila said...

Low rider - hate it. Skinny jeans - love them. Boots = awesome! As is your leather cuff (me and leather = happy).

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I prefer higher rise skinny or straight jeans.
You have long, slim legs and they look fine in the boots.
Lovely ear-rings.

Anne said...

Your earrings are lovely! I live in skinny jeans tucked into boots most of the time:)

grunge-queen said...

I love those earrings, Val - was admiring them a few days ago in your Etsy shop! I love skinnies - it used to be the tighter and skinnier, the better - but in my current condition I don't go near jeans of any kind. Echo Beach is one of my fave happy songs. :)

sabine said...

I like straight jeans put into high boots, but I hate zippers of only 3 cm and low riders. I often prefer to put my blouse into the jeans and wear them with a belt, that's impossible with the low-riders. Does anybody like them?
You look fabulous in your jeans and your beautiful leopard cardigan. That's the style I prefer for every day too. Funnily I found a nearly similar jacket in teal this week in the second hand shop.
PS: here it is not only cold, we have tons of snow now.

The Style Crone said...

I'm on my way to check out your Etsy shop. The earrings are beautiful. And I love the snow leopard cardigan.

~julee~ said...

You look amazing! I had to LOL at your entire post, as I have the same complaints about the skinny jeans. The 2 pairs I wear most often come from Target. They have different "fits", and one sits higher on the waist, which I like.

Sacramento Amate said...

Great boots, Val
Happy weekend

Forest City Fashionista said...

Hi Val, and welcome to the Blogosphere where you'll find all sorts of kindred spirits with which to share ideas and outfits! Thanks for your comments on my blog - you have a lovely sense of humour ;)

As for the skinny jeans, I don't mind them in theory, but I can't find any with a rise more than a couple of inches, which creates THE MOST UNFLATTERING MUFFIN TOP. I love your snow leopard print cardigan!

Megan Mae said...

I LOVE your hair. You can definitely find skinnies with longer rise, but where I don't know. Even as a petite person I still don't want to bend over a lose my pants!

Your boots are really cool if you ask me. A little bit of futuristic flair, and I always love long toed shoes!

Joyatri said...

Ah, yes, the low-rise dilemma. I have taken to searching out higher-rise jeans at the thrift store to avoid the dreaded muffin top. I never wear anything tucked into jeans so the higher rise holds everything but no one knows I'm wearing 'mom' jeans. Skinny jeans look great on you, but I've had to abandon wearing them as they make my legs itch. I like the look of jeans tucked into boots as well but as I'm short sometimes I just roll up the cuff of straight leg jeans to show off the boot at bit, sort of flood-wader style.
Your little nest earrings are adorable.
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. Yes, I was going to post that Dexter are now known for their bowling shoes, so I'm not surprised yours are by that company.

Wendy said...

Omg - Martha And The Muffins - I love Echo Beach! I also love your outfit! :) Those boots are bad-ass and the accessories work perfect!

Helga! said...

You look AMAZING in those jeans!!!
Love that cardi! AND you make jewellery?! Bloody HELL!

Anonymous said...

Val, those jeans look great on you! I love the leopard print cardigan with your teal jewelry. Those earrings are beautiful! I'm a big fan of pearls. They are my birthstone, so I love seeing something new or interesting done with pearls.

Also, I hate low-rise jeans. I have a bump in the back, so if I wear low rise jeans and sit down...well, let's just say the people behind me will not be so happy. I've actually found some great jeans at Target, and Urban Outfitters' BDG brand has a high rise, I believe. Levi's makes some great jeans, as well, that you can buy according to your body type needs.

Hope this helps! Thank you for supporting my blog; I love reading your comments!