Sunday, February 10, 2013

Third button from the sun

Here's that old black tunic again, the one with two left arms, previously seen here. It's gone from black buttons to blue buttons to a superfluity of beige-gray-black buttons because I saw something I wanted to copy. Et voila!

Tunic - thrifted; skirt - Walmart; tights - Target; boots - JCP
I added extra buttons between the buttonholes. The buttons are similar, but different, so when the tunic is buttoned it has a line of varied buttons.

The four buttons that actually do the work are all the same. This gives a sense of order to the wearer, who is already befuddled by having two left sleeves.
See how I've repeated green from the hose and watering can in my buttonflower (Megan Mae).

What do you think? Be honest.

The tunic is actually a little small for me, so the top of the pockets hits above my waist. And it's a tiny bit tight around the top, so the buttons don't really lay in a straight line (which you probably noticed in the picture above). It also shows every single bit of lint (which you probably also noticed in the picture above). But I like it because it's different. And it was thrifted and didn't cost much. I can experiment.

Mr. Sparkle reprised his role as The Photographer. He finds it funny, and odd, that I've suddenly taken more interest in clothes (I won't use the word fashion because I'm not interested in "the latest thing"). I find it funny, too, so that got me thinking about my motivation. Why am I so hooked on buying tights, and taking pictures of my outfits, and spending hours reading blogs? I always sort of liked experimenting with clothing, but I never tried to stand out much. Why now? Maybe menopause instilled a what-the-hell attitude in me. Or maybe I just got bored – bored with an office job, bored with my bobbed haircut, bored with being boring. So I cut my hair, bought some new clothes, and started reading blogs.

But I think there's something else, too. Remember when you were a little girl playing with your girlfriends, and you never wanted to go home? Do you ever feel like that when you're reading blogs? We're playing dress-up and showing each other what we got, telling stories and making each other laugh. It's great! I didn't want to grow up anyway.

I'm going to play dress-up at Patti's for Visible Monday. And I'm going on to The Weekly Thrift at Young Heart on Tuesday. And Ta-Dah! Tuesday - on Thursday!



Jean at said...

Clearly we should have been in the same play-group, although the skirmishes over the ball gown could've become intense! :-) Why are you interested in personal style all of a sudden? Because it's FUN!! The internet gives us a chance to share ideas and, as you so rightly observe, play together!!

Jean at said...

Oops, I also meant to say that I think your top is genius and yes, I'm going to steal the button idea. I also love the blue skirt peeking out and the fabulous patterned tights!!

Unknown said...

Maybe for you its a creative outlet. I know it is for me. Its my moment evrey day that I play with my inner artist!

Connie said...

I'm being honest. I love your top! Tender Buttons!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love the jacket...and that is honest. I would wear it!! I think you were brilliant to add the buttons, Val! A fashion designer at heart! Also, I am just like you on the celebrity crushes..I started to think of all of them over my life and it gets a little embarrassing!!

Anonymous said...

Very creative! I love the mismatched line up of buttons. I think it brightens up the black too. I love all the gathers and how it makes the tunic very flattering. Honest!
You are so right on about this blogging stuff. At least it sure matches my enthusiasm for it. It's definitely a creative outlet, especially for those of us who never really wanted to stand out before.

Kezzie said...

It's brilliant! I love the addition of the other buttons! I have a boring skhirt I might do this to!!! Oooh and I am nominating you for a blog award once I finish writing the post- still trying to think up my 10 questions! So pop by at some time (not yet!) to get it!x

Patti said...

You said it so well, about why we otherwise sober women get goofy over clothes -- it's like we're having a virtual pajama party, only now we can have a Scotch together : > I enjoy my blogger-buddies, and I am so happy to have you among them. Oh, and I like the coat and the MM button-flower, a "yes" vote from me!

Unknown said...

Kezzie, that's so sweet - thanks! I'm working on a post where I copy your outfit from last week. I just have to pop over to Trafalgar Square...

Ofelia said...

Val, this is the best quote in bloggerland! It express our need to related to one another, to be understand and to be appreciate.
I started to blog because I always wanted to meet people from all over the world and see how they live and how they dress up or dress down.
I hope that we continue to dress up together for many years to come!

Helga said...

I like the multitude of buttons!
I once had a bit of a weird phobia about buttons, and didn't like touching them...but I'm over that!
It's like a new lease of life, finding Blogland!
I've always been into clothes, but more than ever now, and reading blogs is like water-cannot do without!

Unknown said...

I wonder myself sometime why i do it!
You should see my walkin and closets!
But i know why, i was always different as far as i can remember, i always wanted to be different!
It goes back a long time, i always liked thrift stores, vintage
Always liked clothes,
I always mixed and remixed so i guess blogging was the next step for me!

You know , i like your tunic but i would do the opposite, i would wear a black skirt or dress with it and wear color tights

Ariane xxxx

Diane @ Haute Flashion said...

Val, I'm so glad to find your blog!

First of all, I think the button idea is brilliant. You might have started a new trend tonight! And the title of your post made me giggle!

But, on a more serious note, I can completely relate to what you shared tonight. Personally, I have always been involved with fashion to some degree. However, something has shifted as I've gotten older. I watch my 22 year old daughter and realize how effortless it is to beautiful when you have glowing, wrinkle-free skin, visible eyelashes, thick healthy hair, well, the list could go on and on. At our age, though, we have to try a little harder.

The looks that I once got are now hers to enjoy, and that is as it should be. But I refuse to go quietly, invisibly into the night. Like you, I feel that it is even more important now to make an effort to present myself in a stylish manner. And I also want to set a good example for my daughter. I don't want her to fear aging and see it as a negative. I want to be a positive role model and looking the best I can be at each age is part of that responsibility.

Unknown said...

Ariane, I'll have to try that next time. I have worn it with my black and tan striped skirt, and that looked great!

Ann, Heather and Sheila said...

Hi Val,
You've touched on a very interesting topic -- why we are doing our fashion blogging. I like your idea that perhaps we've regressed to a simpler time when we were playing dress-up with friends. I'm new to all of this (Nov. 2012 start) and feel as if I'm a little late to the party, but everyone has been so welcoming. I love finding out how other women are approaching style as they age. I get inspired by reading everyone's blogs and especially enjoy seeing fashion statements that take more creativity than cash. Great post, Val. Oh, and I love the buttons!
Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

Vix said...

I love what you've done to the jacket, the new buttons make it really quirky and unique and I think it fits you perfectly.
I've always been an avid people watcher and adored clothes and unusual outfits, blogging means I can do it from the comfort of my own home. x

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Bad Val, Now, I won't rest until I "button" up some of my clothes. And you also gave me the idea of cutting off a a tier on a tiered skirt to make it more fashionable. I'm off, running with scissors!

citizen rosebud said...

I love the added buttons- it adds so much character and interest to your jacket. I'm a big button fan too, especially vintage ones as they are often quirky with details, just like us. Funny thing about our later in life dress up! I believe it is such a boost of healthy self love, creativity and self expression, and how lucky we are that we have a global community to share ourselves and our style- a sounding board so to speak, people who can appreciate and be inspired!Great texture play- the tights and the many buttons. Put that in your button hole!

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Very cool look. I used to have a shirt that had buttons clustered around the hem similar to yours. The only problem is how they were sewed on and they came off like snowflakes in a short time.

I love your tights! They make the outfit even more special. You look fab. I so admire outfits with tights.

Sheila said...

I like all the extra buttons and really didn't notice that it wasn't a perfect fit. The tights are super-fun!

Curtise said...

Like everyone else, I think the added buttons are an excellent idea! I have trouble getting button-down shirts to fit across my boobs and have pretty much given up because of the straining, gaping or squishing! The fit of the tunic looks best when you undid the top, I think (is that OK to say? Hope so.) It looks less constricting, but still cinches you in to emphasise your small waist, very flattering. Loving the tights too.
It IS interesting to consider why we blog about clothes and style. It would be easy to appear guilty of superficiality and narcissism, I know, but I think that would be a misunderstanding of most of our motivations (this little corner of the blogging universe anyway.) I think it's a means of creativity and self-expression which is readily available to all of us - we all get dressed every day, why not play at the same time? And the clothes and style become the vehicle for conversation, and confidence-boosting commentary and exchange, and ultimately friendship. It's a lovely hobby, I am so glad I started blogging! xxxxx

A Matchy Matchy Midlife said...

Gosh, this group of women is so smart, insightful and well spoken! I will just say ditto then. But I will add that my favorite part of that tunic is the collar!! You look great Val.


Unknown said...

Val ... this is the best outfit ever. You look adorable. Love the buttons and boots (makes me think of a very edgy modern version of Mary Poppins!) Of course you think about how you look and are flexing your creative muscles in the process! You are in good company, 'cause there are a lot of boomer women who refuse to sit quietly and in-Visibly. On Mondays. And we are all glad you do!

Megan G said...

Love the additional buttons - and the button flower!

The Style Crone said...

I love the buttons and the tunic. Most of all I love that you experiment and that you started blogging. I started blogging to cope with an intense life situation and here I am, still dressing up and enjoying the fact that there are others who love the same process. By the way, your patterned tights are fantastic.

Unknown said...

Hi there1
I really like the remake of this tunic! I too have problems fitting round 'the girls' so i just let the buttons open and put a cami underneath!

Sharon S said...

Hi there! Your reworked tunic looks great, it certainly looks more stylish and unique with different buttons on and it is a great way to experiment with your clothes too! It's great how you've got into blogging too and thanks so much for stopping by my blog too! Have a great week xx

Olga Rani said...

I like this idea with buttons, the tunic looks interesting this way. And I like the tights too. What you wrote at the end of your post, about dressing up and showing to each others, I feel exactly same way. It is fun, and it is great to have such opportunity.

mispapelicos said...

I love the little touches that makes you tunic so especial, dear Val.

Emalina said...

I love what you've done with those buttons, Val, you've made the tunic look extra special and unique! You look great. Love those tights too, very glam!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

What a fun idea to add extra buttons to your garment. They are like jewelry now. I admit that I could not wear the tunic with two left sleeves. It would make me crazy, LOL.

Our weather has had some moments of spring like temps. The kind of days where you bundle up in the morning and have to take your jacket off for an hour at noon.

If you aren't familiar with Tim, try downloading a season of Project Runway. It will be your creative juices into overdrive!

Sue xo

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

I am a new visitor from 'Young Heart' Weekly Thrift. I like your tunic - it is shapely without being tight and it is unique, too. I can totally relate to your wanting to change things up now that you are past all that 'fashion' slavery of the very young. I think now that we are older we are not afraid to show our personality and not follow the crowd. I never liked spandex, even when I was young, and especially not now and it seems every thing now is tight and stretchy or too flouncy and ruffly. I find it hard to shop for clothes so I find basics that I can accessorize and always shop thrift for those lovely things that never go out of style. I think you touched a nerve with us 'older gals' who want to dress stylish, but not necessarily 'young'. xx

Unknown said...

I love the buttons and I'm going to copy this fabulous idea very soon! It's just fun isn't it? We get to be who we are, share that with the world and make fab new friends as well - blogging rocks!

Sarah xxx

Young at Heart said...

very clever....looks great!!

me said...

I think I love the extra buttons, I think that it's not about fashion - it's about style... And I think that we all reach a point where we get bored of being boring, besides - life is way too short not to dress like a rock star. ;)

Kaffesoester said...

Great idea with the extra buttons Val! I'll have to try it soon, I have collected buttons for years! The skirt underneath is brilliant, it forces you to look below and enjoy those beautiful tights!

There are so many reasons why people start blogging, and yet we still have so much in common that the differences don't keep us apart but rather bring us together.

The internet, and blogging especially means freedom to me, and inspiration and support.

So many people around me (luckily not my husband!) find it totally superficial to be blogging about clothes and outfits.

Some think it's bad style trying to be different, or not hiding that I'm different, which I always was.

In the Blogosphere I'm free to love mad colour combinations, huge rings an red lipstick when it's not fashionable, and I'm free to do so together with all the other bloggers!

~julee~ said...

I can't imagine you ever being boring! I giggle like a little kid every time I stop by your blog. :)

Happy Valentine's Day, by the way!

sabine ingerl said...

A little late for the Monday post, but here I am. First I love your tunic and I'm again surprised what you have done with it, with so simple things like buttons. Please keep it, it is so a versatile, creativity boosting piece of cloth. If you think it is too tight it mostly fits best, don't belief the pics.
I sometimes ask me the same questions and also what have I done before? It feels so good to come home from the office and meet goods friends with a cup of coffee in the hand and always a smile in the face while reading posts or comments.
It has to do with menopause and with the fact that the children left home and we have more time to think about ourselves. I found out that every part of my live is completely ok, but due to my office job I only miss one thing. To be creative. So what to do, I'm not a singer, not a painter, not a writer. But I like to play with fabric, clothing and things from the fleamarket. So the first step was to change my wardrobe and the next to begin to blog. And I happily found out that there are others who like to do the same. I'm happy for that every day.
And I call it fashion what I do. I think it's not only fashion what the magazin tells us, we can do it as well.
Have a good time my dear!

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Love your outfit and what you say about blogging.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I like it - especially a bit open. Loved reading about your thoughts on blogging, I struggle with my reasons for some posts at time - I do wonder why anyone cares what tat I've bought or what I've made, but I'm glad people do. I'm beginning to enjoy wearing my clothes again after the small child wilderness years!

joyatri said...

Your funky jacket with its non-functional buttons reminds me of my Jean-Paul Gaultier jacket that you commented on, which has an extra row of snaps and a row of buttons (purely for decoration). I'm so with you on using thrifted clothes to play around and be creative. And I agree with others who've commented that jacket is very flattering on you, nipping in your waist and framing your face with the rounded collar.
I don't have any friends in 'real life' who share my interest in clothes. With the exception of one, who lives in another state. When we visit each other, we always do what I call, "play closet" (i.e, stand in front of one's closet showing off new acquisitions to the other). By blogging I can "play closet" with more friends!