Thursday, February 7, 2013

You don't know what you've got

Today I've swapped my tie for Grandpa's bolo.

Grandpa was a rancher in western Nebraska. His name was Valdemar, and I'm named after him. Except I guess my parents didn't think Valdemar was a very good name for a girl so they named me Valdemarinkasparktasia.

I'm not sure how I ended up with this bolo – Grandpa had several grandsons so I imagine there were other bolos to go around. I've had this one for years now.


It's a beautiful piece of turquoise with some crystallization in the middle. There's no setting, just the stone on its own.

I'm wearing those skinny jeans again. We're learning to get along, and I've gotten used to the trade winds around the equator. The rest of the outfit is pretty basic - white shirt (JCP), black boots (old), leather cuff again (previously seen here).  

I added a pretty beaded bracelet I bought at a craft market – every bead is different, and they all look like they came out of the sea.
 At one point, I got rid of the bolo cord and fixed a pin to the back instead. 

When I wanted to change it back to a bolo, I started asking around to see where I could get the braided leather cord and aglets. Even the big bead store in town didn't have them, but they sent me to a place called Nelson the Rocky Feller. Yes, that's really the name. It's in a yellow, concrete block building with windows that are broken and covered with plywood.

The shop is crammed full of rocks – cut, polished, rough, mounted, you name it. It looks like nothing has changed in years, except where the dust has been disturbed. Nelson deals with rockhounds up front, and back in one corner Nelson's wife sells bolo cords and other jewelry pieces.

Neither of them smiles very much.

But I got my bolo cord, thanks to this little shop that probably makes no profit, can't even afford to fix their windows. One day they'll be gone, their shop will be razed, and a Starbucks will be there in its place.

Don’t it always seem to go…



Sheila said...

...that you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone...pave paradise, put up a parking lot...

Now that song's in my head, thank you, Valdemarinkasparktasia (serious?). I love the look of the bolo - I am going to keep an eye out for some in the thrift stores. I think my hubby would like one (and I would borrow it!).

Anonymous said...

Hi Val, I love the way you write. I bought a bolo tie on ebay last summer and really love it. It was listed as yellow jade (not sure on that one) in the shape of a steer's head. Now I'm going to wear it again soon because you've inspired me. Now I know where you got your Etsy shop name idea. ;)

sabine said...

Hello Val,
what a cute reminder to your grandfather and what a wonderful turquoise stone! The white blouse is a perfect addition to your jewelry.
I also recognise that it gets more and more difficult to get special things - like the bole tie - in local shops. Before I buy online I also first try to find what i want in a shop in my town. But that's time consuming and sometimes not possible. And I do not live in a small village. It's a pity that a diversity of shops isn't given any more.
You got a pretty name, very unique and it offers so many options to be shortened (Marinka, Tasia) have you ever played with it as a child?
I always enjoy your posts they are telling a story.
Lieben Gruß

Vix said...

I want to go to Nelson The Rocky Feller, they don't name shops that imaginativly round here! Love that Bolo! x

Judith said...

...yes, you don't know what you've got 'till its gone ... lucky you to still have this...J

grunge-queen said...

I love discovering quirky shops like that, which seem to be a throwback to another time (or dimension!). I think that bolo is very cool, and very applicable and wearable, if you know what I mean. You see some that are just too much. How nice that you have something from your Grandpa!

Val Sparkle said...

I'm kidding about Valdemarinkablahblah, but Nelson's shop really is The Rocky Feller. I put a link to a review page that has some pictures.

Connie said...

This brings back memories. I grew up in Montana and my grandpa always wore a bolo tie, too. I wore a few in the 1970's. You look so cute. Maybe it's time to bring em back!

pastcaring said...

Ooh, I think we should all make up crazy names for ourselves, and see who believes them! Loved hearing about Grandpa Valdemar, and Nelson the Rocky Feller and his shop. That turquoise stone is beautiful, and you are rocking the jeans, Val - never mind a trade wind or two!
It's true, how often do we regret the loss of places but we don't make much use of them while they are around? xxxxx

Anne said...

You look lovely Val...that shape jean really suits you:) Have a great weekend:)

Shybiker said...

Hi Val, nice to meet you. That's a lovely bolo. I like jewelry with sentimental connection.

Ofelia said...

I knew a kid name Valdermar Hernandez when I was in elementary school. He said that it meant Val der mar (Val of the ocean).

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Heeeeeheeeeeee!! A born comedian Sparktasia!! Yeah I guess I wouldn't smile much if I was handling rocks all day either ... but I think we both understand that about the Rocky Feller's and forgive them. After all, they're the only thing standing between us and corporate greed - yay for small business!! xo

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Hey Valdemarinkasparktasia. :) I love this easy look. I think the accessories are important.

Have you ever thought about red glasses? I think they would look so fun on you.