Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh, Nurse!

If you've ever had a job that involved serving cocktails, you probably had some vacuous pea-brain call you Nurse when he needed another drink. It's never funny, and the waitress WILL roll her eyes as soon as she turns her back. I've been that waitress.

Remember when nurses wore white tights? (How's that for a segue?) I never thought I'd like to wear white tights, but I wanted a light neutral color so I bought white tights. And I like them! I wore my black and tan striped skirt (previously seen here) with white for a spring look.

Sorry this is overexposed, and the white tights add 10 pounds to my legs. But life is full of imperfections, and so we move on...

Mr. Sparkle said that I'd been dressing really well lately, and he complimented me on this outfit. Until I added my lime green cardigan.

Cardi and tights - Target; top - Christopher & Banks; skirt - Old Navy; shoes - TJ Maxx
Again, overexposed. I really need to learn to use the settings on my camera.

Anyway, when I put the cardi on, Mr. Sparkle said, You've just ruined it.I didn't agree with him, so I wore it this way to work. With safe shoes.

But later I took pictures with my new shoes - the ones that made me fall down go boom - which have just had new heel caps put on. I haven't worn them on a slick floor yet.

Beadman pendant by me; earrings from Etsy; new shoes - Chelsea Crew
I am so open to suggestions here. I liked the outfit, but I'd love to hear your opinions on what worked and what didn't. Was Mr. Sparkle right in this case?


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Style Imitating Art the First

If you don't know by now, I studied Art History so I could have a career in almost any other field. Seriously (not) - art history is a good way to enjoy studying and then go into an administrative job in an engineering firm.

So this week I'm participating in Style Imitating Art at Animated Cardigan. I haven't followed this "challenge" for very long, but I think it's bi-weekly, and is hosted by one of two or three bloggers. This week it's on Jess's blog. Here's the painting that is our inspiration this week, Yellow Roses in a Vase by Gustave Caillebotte (kiy-bot).

 Here's my picture.

But let's get back to Gustave. You've probably seen this picture on coffee mugs, Paris Street, Rainy Day.


But Gustave is way more than just a coffee-cup kind of artist. Look at this one, The Floor Planers.

And this one, L'Yerres, Pluie (L'Yerres,Raining).

And this self-portrait.


And if that self-portrait doesn't pique your curiosity, well, go back to watching CSI and forget I said anything.

But if you are interested, do take a look at Wikipedia to see more, and check out Animated Cardigan to see other interpretations of Yellow Roses in a Vase!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Did you see that?

It looked like a Friday. In fact it looked like a whole work week, but it rushed by so fast I couldn't tell. At least it didn't stick its tongue out at me as it ran past.

This recent Friday borrowed heavily from the Friday before - I wore black and white with a red complement, and I played my groupie role again and went to see Strange Charm play. I didn't need the correction of tequila this time (some people make it a Friday ritual, but I'm not naming names). I stuck with wine instead.

A little blurry in the face as I turn to watch the week speed by me

And I borrowed looks from my fellow bloggers - my shirt is from a swap with Joni, and the red tights are inspired by Paula.

Shirt by CalligramoRama
The shirt was big and baggy, which I wanted, but a little toooo baggy. You can see it in my previous post here. I cut the sleeves off and took in the sides. Because of the width of the shirt, the shoulders create little "shelf" sleeves, which I kind of like.

Leopard cardi and tights from Target, black skirt from Christopher & Banks, shortened. And my old wedge boots with the longish toes (previously seen here). Chunky bead necklace by me.

Of course you're all on the edge of your seats, wondering how I did bowling on Thursday. I won my match! Not so much because I bowled well, although I did, but because my very skilled opponent had an off night. But that's how tournaments are won - I'm now in the Final Four! Talk about March Madness.

For those who are looking, there's a MacMillan's Encyclopedia, 1999, Roget's Thesaurus, Oxford Dictionary of Art, the Oxford English Dictionary in two volumes, several art history books, some music books, various paperbacks, etc.

Welcome to my new followers, and thanks to everyone for your comments! I've started getting a lot of spam comments, but I think Blogger's been catching most of them in the Spam Pit of Limbo. I do not want to turn on captcha or moderation - I want to read your streams of consciousness!

And I added a new page. You can find a tab at the top ("If you really want to know"), and ten facts about me, based on my first post.

Another week, another great party at Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Karma Yes or Karma No

Do you believe in karma? If karma does exist, I wish I could figure it out.

First of all, I think the karma gods are paying me back for gloating about our great weather last week.

You can see all the rain on the screen, but it's still beautiful outside.
As you know, I felt  pummeled by the work week last Friday - now what was that in retaliation for? Anyway, on the weekend I applied a little retail therapy. I didn't go thrifting, but I did patronize a local, family-owned shoe store that has been in business here since the 1930s. Good karma, they were having a sale! I bought some blue sandals (below) and some green shoes.

Bare Traps - sort of denim blue
But then karma dinged me on Monday. I wore the green shoes (Chelsea Crew Jazz, like these) to work, and within an hour I slipped on the hardwood floors in the reception area and took a tumble. I'm not as sore as I expected to be, considering how brusquely the floor introduced itself to me! And, good karma, the shoes weren't damaged.

Said shoes are now at Jim the Shoe Doctor (established 1903 – different Jim?) getting non-slip rubber heel caps. The shop had the back door open and a large fan going, but still was overpowering with fumes. I don't know how anyone can work there, but they must be good because they were busy. And they have over 100 styles of socks! I'll take a picture - and buy socks - when I go back to pick up my shoes.

Speaking of socks, here are the ones I bought a couple of weeks ago.

These are Ozone, worn with my thrifted, lace-up booties (so comfortable – I love these). 

The asymmetrical skirt you've seen twice before (here and here). The black V-neck tee is Croft & Barrow, and the blue cardi is from Target. I like to think of this style as frumpy comfy hip.

The necklace is my own copy of the Pompidou necklace, which is available from my Etsy shop (link here).

So I'm hoping some good karma is due. I need to win at bowling tomorrow!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday Day and Night

Friday always seems to get here just in the nick of time. Just before the morning where I throw the alarm clock through the window, hurling invectives after it. Just before I burn bridges at work by telling people what I really think of them. Just before I collapse into a babbling and weary heap on the couch (okay, so that happens anyway). I made it through another week, and look what I found at home.

Now I can look on the bright side (now that it's Saturday and I'm sitting in bed in the middle of the morning). We have an extra hour of light in the evenings! And we've been extremely lucky here in Eugene, Oregon - every day the temperatures have been 60-70F (18-20C). Every. Day. This. Week! And on Thursday, I had the highest gross score at bowling!!! We're doing playoffs, so this means I go to the next round!

Blue denim with gray denim - Texas tuxedo?

Friday at work I ended up dressing for high school - don't you think this sort of has a '70s vibe?

Vest - Christopher & Banks; blouse - a.n.a from JCP, pants - Lee
Here's my little bead-man pin that I made, and my wonderful red Clarks sandals. I also bought a pair in tan because I couldn't decide between the two.

I think I finally found a good place to take photos, around the side of our house where you can see the lovely white sewage pipe.

If I take pictures by myself (all Auto settings) with too much light, my hair turns into a white blob that looks like a ghost flying by. And speaking of my hair, I'm still not pleased with the choppy cut, so I just changed the part. Genius, no?

Cardi, dress and tights - Target; boots and belt - thrifted

So after a couple of shots, a bath and a change of clothes, I went out with family and friends to see Mr. Sparkle's band, Strange Charm (link here).

The honeysuckle is getting leaves!

Let me say, as good as Mr. Sparkle and the other musicians are (and they are awesome), the singer, Beth Milton, holds my rapt attention all the way through, no matter how many times I watch her. She's an amazing singer and performer. There are old videos on YouTube, but they don't do justice. Maybe I can shoot some video soon and share it with you.

Little purse focal - bought at a fair and put onto neck cord from another necklace
So, now it's Saturday afternoon. Maybe we'll see a movie later, maybe we'll watch a DVD - I just got Baz Luhrman's Red Curtain Trilogy with Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, and Moulin Rouge! Maybe some shopping. I might even clean something around the house. Or not.

I will be joining the Visible Monday party as soon as the gates are open at Not Dead Yet Style. Will I see you there?

How's your weekend shaping up?


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pedicure, boots, sandals, and Barbie

First, here's what I wore Monday - my new-to-me top and new socks. And I wore my old glasses because I thought they looked better with this outfit.

This was taken at the end of the day. Hurray for the extra hour of light, but I do look a little tired.

Monday morning I had to go to work early, so I just dressed the top down by pairing it with rust jeans (JCP) and a black cardi (Target). The black belt is reversible, with faux snakeskin on the other side.

Don't step on the wee folk!

I wore the same boots that I wore on Sunday, but with my psycho-delic, comfy new socks inside.

So, I wore these boots on Sunday and Monday, and I wore my sex-ay short boots today. But the weather has gone up about 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) this week, so tomorrow I am going to wear sandals - my newly refurbished, leopard, wedge sandals! Forget ballet flats - sandals make me feel so alive!

And that's why I'm giving myself a pedicure tonight.

I was going to book an appointment, but I had to do it myself to get it done tonight. And I'm glad I did. You know the thing about cleaning the house before the maid comes...

I went with Barbie-doll red nail polish. Classic Barbie doll, not the blonde bimbo.

How 'bout you - are you ready for sandals? Or, if you're in the southern hemisphere, are you ready for boots?


Sunday, March 10, 2013

They're MY clothes now

I think this is the first outfit I've posted that is all thrifted. I realize I'm walking with giants here, so many of you will be thinking, So what? And you're right, but these all feel like MY clothes, so it didn't occur to me that they were all thrifted until I was out the door.

The burgundy suede blazer (Dorothy Perkins) was thrifted in the UK several years ago. It's very nicely made with four buttons on the cuff that actually open. So I opened them so the ruffly cuffs would show.

The shirt is Ann Taylor Loft, jeans are Levi's, boots are Sporto. Cute name, huh?

I wore this to meet my mom and my sister for coffee. Now, why didn't I take any pictures?!?!? My sister was wearing a very cute dress she thrifted, and she had some cute boots. I'll get pictures of her in here one of these days.

Then I went to Buffalo Exchange and got a little silk shirt and a turquoise scarf. Then I went to pick up some new socks - Ozone brand. They're so comfy. I didn't even realize there's a skull in the pattern until I was taking this picture. Duh!

It looks like Walt Disney threw up!*

I'm linking up with the lovely women of Visible Monday on Not Dead Yet Style. Now I'm off to The Weekly Thrift at Young Heart.


* This is a line from The End, when Burt Reynolds swallows a bunch of pills with some curdled milk, then spits it all out.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shoe Craft

I lost quite a lot of momentum while I was sick. I'm still all sniffly and coughy, and I infected my lucky roommate, Mr. Sparkle, who's coughing and sneezing as if germs grow on trees. Our house is going to need a really good spring-cleaning this year!

So instead of doing outfit shots (partly I don't want to do outfit shots because I'm still sniffly, tired, and not really smiling very much. Also, I cut my hair while I was sick, and it looks pretty choppy right now. I'm sure most people would know not to cut their hair while they're sick, but I just have to be different.)…where was I? Oh, yes, instead of outfit shots, I'll show you some shoes.

I decided to decorate shoes, so I had to start by cleaning, and thought I might as well polish and shine all our boots and shoes that are leather. So I got them all out on the patio table – it was a beautiful day!

When I worked in Seattle, my office was in an area that had shoe shine guys on the street. They would do your shoes in about two minutes for whatever amount you were willing to pay. I generally stopped for this one guy who did a good job. My boots were always shined when I worked there! Now I have to do my own.

The first shoes I decided to alter were these sandals because I could actually decide what I wanted to do. The plastic (not real cork) wedge heel would be easy to decorate, and they're the perfect color to go with a leopard pattern – and I need some leopard shoes! So I found a print online, printed it, and tore the paper into pieces so I could fit them to the curve of the heel. I used Mod Podge glue and added a little brown paint to it so the torn edges of the paper wouldn't look white. 

Once the sole was covered, I cut the edges (not easy), and put a couple more coats of Mod Podge on everything, making sure to cover the top and bottom edges of the paper.

They didn't turn out too badly – and I can't wait to wear them. It's time for a pedicure!

I found an amazing website for ideas and information if you're interested in altering shoes – Sassy Feet and their blog.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities at the thrift store!

And I have just enough time to link up to Ta Dah! Tuesday at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Feeling New

February is always a lousy month. For me, it ended with fever, flu and several days in flannel pajamas. I really don't get sick very often, but this was a bitch. I'm lucky I don’t get intestinal distress (speaking politely), but the aches and chills were torture enough. I'm shaking off the fog, and doing some pictures is just the thing to remind what it's like to wear real clothes again.

Right before I got sick I picked up my new glasses! 

I've been wearing them while I was sick, but with no make-up and pretty sloppy hair, I haven't been able to really appreciate how fun they are. They're a bit of a departure for me, although my first glasses ever were cat-eye, when I was 9 years old. Mr. Sparkle only laughed a little when he saw them, and he hasn't been teasing me. I'm taking that as a good sign.

Sex-ay black boots, recently thrifted

This outfit is a variation of what I wore going out last week, before I got sick. The denim coat is from Talbot's sale rack a few years ago. It's lightweight, so I wore it as a tunic with black leggings, boots, and turtleneck, plus a faux snakeskin belt.

Sunshine today!

Here's a detail of the glasses - they're two-toned on the front, then the arms have a diamond-patterned metal part near the front. The rest of the arm is plastic with a raspberry leopard print!

I'm also wearing a bead-man brooch I made with colored wire.

I feel like I've been reborn from the flu, new glasses and haircut, and a new month. I'm still not very sparkly, but at least I'm dressed.

March came in like a lamb, and Spring is springing all around us here! I hope you're seeing new growth in your lives!

And I almost forget - still a little spacey - I'm linking up with Patti and the gang for Visible Monday!