Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Karma Yes or Karma No

Do you believe in karma? If karma does exist, I wish I could figure it out.

First of all, I think the karma gods are paying me back for gloating about our great weather last week.

You can see all the rain on the screen, but it's still beautiful outside.
As you know, I felt  pummeled by the work week last Friday - now what was that in retaliation for? Anyway, on the weekend I applied a little retail therapy. I didn't go thrifting, but I did patronize a local, family-owned shoe store that has been in business here since the 1930s. Good karma, they were having a sale! I bought some blue sandals (below) and some green shoes.

Bare Traps - sort of denim blue
But then karma dinged me on Monday. I wore the green shoes (Chelsea Crew Jazz, like these) to work, and within an hour I slipped on the hardwood floors in the reception area and took a tumble. I'm not as sore as I expected to be, considering how brusquely the floor introduced itself to me! And, good karma, the shoes weren't damaged.

Said shoes are now at Jim the Shoe Doctor (established 1903 – different Jim?) getting non-slip rubber heel caps. The shop had the back door open and a large fan going, but still was overpowering with fumes. I don't know how anyone can work there, but they must be good because they were busy. And they have over 100 styles of socks! I'll take a picture - and buy socks - when I go back to pick up my shoes.

Speaking of socks, here are the ones I bought a couple of weeks ago.

These are Ozone, worn with my thrifted, lace-up booties (so comfortable – I love these). 

The asymmetrical skirt you've seen twice before (here and here). The black V-neck tee is Croft & Barrow, and the blue cardi is from Target. I like to think of this style as frumpy comfy hip.

The necklace is my own copy of the Pompidou necklace, which is available from my Etsy shop (link here).

So I'm hoping some good karma is due. I need to win at bowling tomorrow!



Sheila said...

Oh gosh, I hope you're okay! I hate falling down - ouch!

Lovely blue shoes, so at least karma was good to you there.

I'm enjoying the peek at your bookcases, looking to see if I have any of the same books (I have a large collection of dictionaries).

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Good luck for bowling! Have a few White Russians, then at least if you fall over you can't blame your shoes!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I don't really believe in Karma. I do believe in what some people refer to as Karma i.e. If you are polite to everyone, most people will be polite to you. (Not really Karma to me--more like social psychology.)
But, on a global scale, encompassing humanity throughout time: NO. I am a humanist/activist. So much unfairness and injustice and it is up to us to make it right for everyone. Karma has a positive connotation to most, but to me it is heavy with latent apathy.
Maybe it was a rhetorical question lolzzzz
Sorry you fell and love the socks! I often rock the 'frumpy comfy hip' look myself!!!
Becky :)

mispapelicos said...

I believe in your fabulous socks.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Like Sheila, I was noticing the dictionaries on the bookshelf. I love doing the NYT crossword puzzle, and sometimes a dictionary comes in handy. Yours are very impressive.

Okay, I'm sure you didn't intend your post to be about your bookshelves, and I'll try not to be nosy in future. :)

I hope you're not too bruised or sore from your fall. I expect, with bowling, you are fit; but falls are different, and they can hurt you.

I love the new sandals, and I would forgive them and wear them with pleasure after they have been re-soled. Of course! I adore! Your tulips! Those are so fun. And I love the blue shade of your sweater.

Sue xo

Oh, and about the karma. I'm sure good karma will be coming your way.

Sharon S said...

Good luck with the bowling, love your socks too!

Vix said...

What a coincidence, I was in the cobbler's yesterday (not Jim's, a fly by night kind of place, only established for 25 years) and had to stand outside coughing as the glue was killing me!
Those socks are fantastic but I'm sorry about your fall. Wishing you lots of luck with the bowling and better weather soon! x

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Take care. Sorry to hear about your bad luck.

sabine ingerl said...

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that you had bad luck. Hope you are ok!
Your socks are so cute! I love their reminder to spring so much.
I'm sure you can wear that beautiful sandals soon. While we here are wearing our boots, nearly the whole year long.
Take good care of you!

Megan G said...

Congrats on the new shoes! I'm so sorry about the fall. I hate slick shoes. Hooray for socks! You must get a picture. I love new socks.

I like your "frumpy comfy" style.

Connie said...

Oh sox and shoes. Be still my heart. I absolutely do NOT believe in Karma. There is just too much random stuff out there. I believe in ice cream!!

WendyB said...

Ouch! Glad you weren't badly injured by your fall.

me said...

Very cute shoes! I'm a big fan of non slip caps (due to slipping all over the place in public settings... Good times). Happy that you didn't get hurt.

As for the socks with your outfit and your beautiful pendant- total awesomeness! :)

Ofelia said...

Karma does exits, the shoes with the socks are funky and cool!
A store that is open since the 1930's is such a miracle to find.

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

Your Etsy store is great! LOVE the socks!!