Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Everybody's working for the weekend

I may have led some of you on a little. When I said I was going to Paris, I meant the other Paris. The one in Texas. And there's only one Texas. If you who didn't know there is a Paris in Texas you probably didn't understand why I kept throwing in the word "Texas" when I was referring to my trip. So now you know there is a Paris, Texas. There's even a film called Paris, Texas, which (as I recall) was kind of weird and boring. But let's move on now.

This post is about shoes because I'm going to link up with The Citizen Rosebud for her first Shoe Shine link-up. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Surprisingly, I decided not to go with sexy or saucy or seductive. I'm wearing some pretty functional Dockers that I thrifted.

I really like the way they slip on with no ties or buckles - just an elastic panel with leather strips. And I like the like yellowish-tan color - I'm not sure what you'd call it.

They look like boots when they're sticking out of long pants. I'm wearing them with some Sock It To Me socks.

The only bad thing is that the heel is pretty chunky, making me walk like I have hockey pucks on my feet. But I'm getting used to that, and I don't wear them if I have to do a lot of walking.

 Square toes. I'm sure they're about 10 years out of style, but IDGAS.

This weekend I'm going up to Seattle to see some friends. That would be exciting enough, but I'm also going to see an exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, "Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Gainsborough: The Treasures of Kenwood House, London." This is the kind of exhibit I dream of, and having it on the west coast of America is amazing!. I love Van Dyck, and I quite like Gainsborough. Rembrandt not so much. This is where I differ from the masses. (Don't even get me started on Van Gogh.)

But wait, that's not all. In my all too brief trip I'm also going to cram in one more delight - I'm going to meet the stunning Bella Q! Lucky me! This is going to be a fabyoolus weekend!



Lisa said...

I love the color of these shoes.

Sheila said...

That style of heel is coming back into vogue - you're so cutting edge!

That art exhibit sounds wonderful - I like the Dutch masters.

Bella Q said...

Square toes are making a comeback- so you are right on time.

And rawr! Paris. Texas. You had me at Wierd and Boring. Yes, I saw the movie- Harry Dean Stanton. Natassha Kinski, a Wim Wenders film I believe. Ah, 1980s arthouse cinema.

I can not wait to meet you, Sparkle. Seattle better be on best (weather) behavior!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I've been seeing a lot of square toes recently. Well, the lovely Melanie and Sheila to name a couple. These shoes look like they'd actually be quite comfortable, and I love the colour. The socks are really da bomb though. Love them!

Okay my friend. Let's talk art! Or will I get into trouble? I'm so happy you mentioned this exhibit. It's only a couple of hours down to Seattle, and we do enjoy catching special events that bypass Vancouver. Anyway, hopefully I've softened you somewhat...I love Van Gogh. Maybe because he was a troubled redhead? I don't know. But I'd love to sit down with you over a Seattle coffee one day so you can educate me on all things art! Have an awesome time in Seattle, and enjoy your visit with Bella Q. If you see Joni, say Hi.

Sue xo

Connie said...

Why did I get rid of my square toed shoes? What was I thinking? If you live long enough just about everything comes back into style. I'm on round two of several trends already.

Megan Mae said...

There's also Paris Kentucky. Which is the Paris I'm familiar with. I had family up that way, so Paris always meant Kentucky, not France, in my house.

I love those socks! I actually almost bought them from Sockdreams.

I'm also very fond of square toes and slip on shoes, so I get where you're coming from.

PinkCheetahVintage said...

OMG so jealous of your Seattle Museum trip and meet-up!!!! Wasn't the shoe link up post fun??
Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Cute shoes! Great color...I love everything about them.

Kezzie said...

Never mind the cool shoes, where on earth did you get those funky tights!!!!! They are so fab!!!! Looking lovely! I did wonder about the Paris, Texas thing as I quickly glanced in my googlereader (on fiance's phone so far too irritating to try to leave comments- horrid mobile phones!) !x

jill815 said...

If you get to meet Bella you are in for a treat. She is one of the most wonderful people I've ever met. And did I mention that she is gorgeous, charming and fun? Have a great time and get pictures! XO, Jill

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Val!

Sorry i missed some posts! i love the shoes lke Sheila said they are coming back! love that you wore them with the socks? are they socks? anyway they are cute!
Never been to Paris Texas, i knew Paris was in Texas, of course where else! hahaha!
Lucky you meeting Bella! I don't meet anybody down my end i tell you the Montreal's bloggers circle is so restricted!

Have a great time in Seattle I love museum as well and you will see some amazing work of art!

Ariane xxx

Vix said...

Out of style? Whose style? If you like them sod what the magazines say, I do!
Very envious of your blog meet, take loads of pictures! xxx

juli said...

I'm in love with your socks! Or are they tights?

xxx juli

pastcaring said...

I love a square toe! Who cares what's in/out of date, right?
Enjoy your art exhibition, and meeting Bella! xxxx

sabine said...

They look as if they are comfy with that low heel. I love the color and the style. Don't worry if they seem to be not trendy now they will become next year of the year following. you are the trend setter, aren't you!
I love your socks!
Enjoy your trip to Seattle and the exhibition and tell us about.

Lyosha said...

fab shoes and esp socks!

Inside and Outside Blog

Ann Wood said...

Cool shoes and socks. Hey what a fun trip, art and meeting a fellow blogger. Have a good weekend!

DearHelenHartman said...

Just found your blog - it's too much fun. No, wait, there is no such thing as too much fun. So it's just right and I became your newest follower! Love the 'boots'.

Anne M Bray said...

Oh you LUCKY LUCKY gal, visiting both Seattle AND Bella. SO JEALOUS!

I first saw Paris TX the movie when it came out. It made me super emotional -- at the time, my then husband was "writing" in Mexico and I hadn't heard from him for months. I thought he was like Harry Dean, wandering around lost. (He wasn't, he was just being an idiot). ANYWAY, I recently saw it again... the first 1/3 is a long road trip and it looks like all my west TX art! I believe that movie made a BIG impression on me. Also, the soundtrack (Ry Cooder) is FANTASTIC! (Just skip the long monologue by Nastassja Kinski). It's great for... road trips!

Your shoes (I would say caramel color) look comfortable. I recall having that vented elastic detail on some pair of mine in the past -- gives good wiggle room when walking.

You left a lovely comment on my recent shoe post, but it went to the secret Blogger comment land vs the Disqus form. You and I know what you wrote -- thanks! -- but it's our secret...

Kelly Roy said...

Coming from Greece that's how I knew there is Paris in Texas by the film of Wim Wenders.He is one of my favorite german directors and I loved the soundrack of this particular movie.with a bit of love those shoes can go a long way.square shape toes will be back sometime,soon.After the pointy ones which are hotties now.