Sunday, April 28, 2013

I got my Fixx in red

I've mentioned before that I cut my own hair. Most times I think I must be mad, and I usually vow to find a new hair stylist, but I'm just too critical, I guess. So I cut my own hair. I can do it whenever  I want, but it is time-consuming. I spend hours cutting it, fixing it over the next week, sweeping, sweeping, sweeping. It looks good for about three days before it suddenly grows too long, and the whole pathetic cycle starts again.

I've just cut it, trimmed up the back into a shorter, rounder shape. With these glasses I felt that I needed more bubble, less mullet. Although I really wanted to try to do it like List_Addict at Fur Earwig - I love her hair (check out this picture)! When I saw someone on the street with a similar 'do, I thought, I've got to try that!

But I didn't. I cut my mullet. So to get my hair to be more complementary with my glasses, I had to get new scissors because the old ones are pretty much impossible to sharpen. I went to Sally Beauty Supply, and guess what - they're next door to Goodwill. Oh, Fortuna! I was jonesin' for some shopping, so I went in and found two red dresses. I'm really into red now. Again, because of the glasses. One thing leads to another.

This one is made by Deva Lifewear, a company based in North Dakota that began as a cottage industry. According to their website, they're currently not producing Lifewear, but are selling existing stock. It's all cotton, handmade in the USA. This dress (previously unworn) will be so versatile, and it's deliberately wrinkled, so no ironing!

silver woven belt - thrifted; sandals - Fred Meyer
necklace made by my neighbor, Molly
Spanish silver earrings I've had since 1975; uneven hair that needs fixing
This other red dress is by Faded Glory, also all cotton and also previously unworn.

Geesh, would it kill you to smile?

The black shirt is from White House Black Market. It was too tight with its original buttons, so I replaced them with black frog closures to wear over other things.

There ya go!          sandals - Shani; leggings - Target; earrings - homemade

brooch - gift from Bella
And I also got a snazzy shirt for Mr. Sparkle, again, unworn!

I'll be at Patti's again for Visible Monday. Oh, that reminds, I need to buy some tequila.



Lisa said...

I like the red...but love your joyful laugh in the picture!

Melanie said...

"So, Big Boy, ya goin' stand there gawpin' or buy the lady a drink?" That's what I hear you saying in that photo. And then you're laughing. More than one drink I guess...
Love that red on you schweetheart. Your hairdo is gorgeous. I love that you cut it yourself.

Gail said...

You're very brave cutting your own hair but you do a great job! The red really suits you.

Vix said...

You look glorious in red and I agree with Melanie, there's definitely a come hither vibe to your stance.
I cut my own hair but it's child's play when it's long, yours looks brilliant. xxx

Patti said...

Oh hey, do I remind you of Tequila? Alrighty then. Love your red finds and the great jewelry you're sporting. And my husband would love that shirt too. Thanks for sharing all the happiness with Vis Monday xoxoxo

Trisha Sander said...

I love your hair! I wish I was brave enough to cut my own locks. Adore that red dress, too.

The Style Crone said...

You are very courageous to cut your own hair. Just trimming a few stray hairs makes me anxious.

The red is glorious on you and the photo of you laughing and throwing your head back is contagious.

gracefully50 said...

You should def wear more red cuz it looks GREAT on you!
I love the key earrings!

Shybiker said...

Black and red are a great combination. And your hair looks good. My dad (once a barber) cut mine when I was growing up.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

What a great idea with those frog closures. I never would have thought of that.

I cannot believe you cut your own hair. It does not look that way...which is a compliment : ) The red does really go well with your hair colour.

I love the earrings with the keys dangling.


Adrienne Shubin said...

You seem like such a fun person, Val!
I love that look with the red dress and leggings. So cute!

I can't believe you cut your own hair and do it so well! Especially with such a precise style. Good for you!

Kelly Roy said...

You surely need your tequila fix after cutting your own hair.It terrifies me to even start thinking.
your red dresses are fabulous and ethical choices.I also like the fitted black blazer.May your inspiration guide you through the week!

Grunge Queen said...

This is an envy comment, Val, lovingly meant, of course! One, I wish I could cut my hair as it needs it and I haven't yet found my dream hairdresser in this town. Two, love the red - I'm green with mock jealousy as it's not a colour that particularly shines on me, even the cherry-est of reds. Great springtime finds. xo

sabine said...

How beautiful you in your red dresses! I love both! Red is definitly a color for you. Marvellous also are your earrings with the small keys!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

The red looks so great on you!!! Love the length of that first dress and those silver hoop earrings are perfect!!!!
About the hair... In the picture you linked to it looks like she wears hers curled or with a lot of volume. So, even if you do the same cut, you'd have to style it similar. Or am I looking at the wrong pic?
My hair looks like pure shite if I cut it myself. Trust me, it's been attempted.
Becky :)

Anonymous said...

You look very nice in red!

Bella Q said...

You really wear red well, Val. I'm glad you've discovered it. Love the laugh 'graph. Great portrait shot!

And the hair looks great. You and Keith Richards really are wonderful posterkids for cutting one's own hair.

Zalina Walton said...

Red is a great color on you.

Ann, Heather and Sheila said...

Love you in red and particularly love the black and red combo. You look great in leggings!
Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

Trina said...

Oh, that incredible smile, its simply contagious! You are definitely a model image for a 'woman in red'. The color fits you well, and great buy on both dresses. Both are so much fun, I really like the shorter one, probably due to the warm weather approaching.

pastcaring said...

You look wonderful in red, Val, both dresses, although so different in style, suit you very well. I like what you did with the shirt that was too small, it makes a very fitted and rather sexy jacket with the new closures.
Great laughing shot! I know we bloggers like our Bitch Face but you look fabulous letting out a great big guffaw!
I can manage to cut my own fringe but dare go no further...xxxx

A Matchy Matchy Midlife said...

So jealous that you can just adorn ill fitting close with great closures and BAM have a better end product. I do not have that talent.

I am loving the hair, and the red on you. I can't even imagine how you cut your own do you do the back?? I can use a razor on my hubby...4's all around, but that's about it?!


Megan Gann said...

Oooh so much love for the pre-wrinkled dress. I love linen and crinkly fabrics. Who needs an iron. ;P

I also love the picture of the second dress. You look so radiant.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Love the lady in red! You look beautiful in both dresses, but if I picked a favourite it would be the second one. I love everything about how you've styled it smile or no smile!

Yes pretty please. If you are up this way, would love to see you!!!

Sue xo

Style Sud-Est said...

I love your red dresses perfect for you and super great with the color of your hair!
Awwww hair i tell you!
I have found my hairdresser and my cut!

Love and hugs

Ariane xxx

Mrs C said...

Short pixie hair cut suits you well. I love Anne Hathaway's short hair style but I will not be able to pull it off.. thanks to these chunky cheeks! great looking red dress, by the way!


Dawn Elliott said...

I love the look of the second dress with the black shirt on top - great addition of the frogs, for sure! I had some Mexican earrings almost exactly like yours that I got in Nogales in the mid-1970's, as well...and your hair looks professionally done to me! Cute, cute, cute!

Sacramento Amate said...

I love your red dress, your gorgeous smile and everything about YOU.

Sharon S said...

Hi there!! I really love both red dresses, such different styles and both totally you!! Red really does suit you, very complimentary!! xx

Sharon S said...
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Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Yes! I always cut my own hair when I wore it short, and it was always just what I wanted! Oddly, it's harder to do myself since it's long, but I do my own bangs ALWAYS. (You should hear my haircut-guy "tut-tut" in such deep disapproval. Almost worth it just to gig him.)
You look fabulous in your red, and I'm sure you're noting the difference in silhouettes ... they look completely different, and you got so much bang for your buck! Pretty Val!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

you look so hip in that second outfit. Red is SO your color!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

No WAY do you cut your own hair!!!!! It looks amazing! I cut mine too but no one's ever surprised when I tell them coz it always looks so shite, unless I curl or straighten it. I adore you in red so, so much and I love how you added the wee frogs so you can still wear that black shirt. Bleedin' gawwwwwwjussssss you are!! xxxxxxx

Silhouette de Femme said...

Love it when thrift stores are central. Love the red dress & I thought it was a raw silk at first...a very striking cool colour on you!

Laurie said...

Wow! You are one talented woman! I can't believe you cut your own hair.

The frog closures are perfect with that top. I would have never guessed they were not original.

I'm with you on the "no iron" thing. All my clothes are "no iron" whether they're meant to be or not.

Those red dresses were obviously meant for you!

No fear of fashion said...

Aha, so this is Val Sparkle... Looking good!!!
Red is my favourite colour too. Excellent buys those red dresses.
Your hair is so nice and thick, I envy you. I have to go to a very good (= expensive) hair dresser as my hair is thin and there is little of it. You can have such awesome haircuts! The best I have ever seen was the one of a black girlfriend of mine. She had her hair cut in the shape of a tilted hat. Add that to an absolute stunning beautiful face and you understand why men sometimes hit a lamppost because they were looking at her instead of the road.

popcosmo said...

I LOVE the red dress! And I'm super-super impressed that you are able to cut your own hair! I always get mine cut short, but getting a good cut is always an issue for me. Lucky you, and I'm just so amazed. My favorite color in a dress and a great haircut! Love it all :)
XO ~Kim @

Wendy said...

I think your hair and your outfits look beautiful!

ann wood said...

Hi Val--Both dresses look great on you. Red is becoming. I sometimes do the same. The scissors are temping especially when my mullet is growing! You did a good job. I think you have pretty hair!

blue hue wonderland

Anonymous said...

Lookin' so fine here Val!