Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Serial Monogamy

I went back to wearing boots today. Lots of the bloggers I follow are still wearing boots and tights, so I was inspired to take these lovely little boots out again. The weather is 10 degrees cooler than it was last Friday, so footwear could go to either sandals or shoes or boots.

Too much teal and turquoise? Topper – Soft Surroundings; T-shirt and tights – Target; skirt – Christopher & Banks, shortened by me; boots – thrifted; necklace – Etsy
I find it a little hard to switch back. I get my mind set on a certain course – sandals, no socks, painted toenails – and I have misgivings about returning to socks, tights and boots. My mind is saying, "But I don't understand. You said we were going to do this now. I thought you made a commitment."

The same thing happens with glasses and handbags. When I get new glasses I always think that I'll alternate with my old pair, even though the prescription is usually slightly different. So I wore my old glasses on Mother's Day…

Great-auntie Val wearing old glasses; dress and belt – thrifted
And I didn't like them - they're boring. (If you want to see more pictures of the old glasses, look at any posts before March.)

Once I get used to my new "face" I don't really want to go back. I'd like to buy two new pairs at a time, but what if people get confused and don't recognize me from day to day? And I might not be able to decide which ones I want to wear one morning. Would I worry that I was cheating on one pair when I was wearing the other one?

Anyway, I do the serial monogamy thing with handbags, too. I buy one, use it constantly for a year or two or three, then I get bored and buy a new one, and the cycle begins again.

My current squeeze
I do swap occasionally, but generally I'm a one-bag woman. My old ones remain good friends, but the magic is gone.

Left on the shelf
So far, one husband has been enough for seventeen years. That's good because I don't want to have to break in another one.

Are you a serial monogamist or a randy wardrobe slut?



Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oh Dear! I guess I'm a RWS. I've been known to change my handbag twice in a day, and I have about half a dozen pairs of reading glasses that all get equal face time. Actually I have the same amount of sunnies too. We do have one husband in common though. Some things just are better in ones.

Sue xo

Megan Gann said...

I'm a lot like you. Especially with glasses and bags. I actually bought two pairs of glasses at the same time so I could alternate. My blue ones feel more like 'my face' even though I love the futuristic stark contrast of the black ones.

I got the one hubby - been together nearly 8 years!

I do have a small shoe commitment problem, but if I do hang onto a pair, then I wear them frequently. It's getting them 'broken in' that is the problem.

Megan said...

I swap out shoes like a whore but I stay true to one purse at a time. I also have two pairs of glasses but I find I only wear one pair. The other pair make me feel like my face is overly covered.

Sheila said...

Depends on the item. Like you, once I have new glasses, I never go back (my old ones are now my workout specs). I rarely switch up bags unless the outfit screams for it.

But I do switch up my clothes a lot, to the benefit of my friends, who get first dibs on my cast-offs.

Sharon S said...

Hi there! thats a really lovely mothers day photo and regarding my glasses, i have more than one pair but seem to be stuck wearing the same pair, hehe!!

Vix said...

Look at that sweet photo of Great Auntie Val and those cuties!
Randy wardrobe slut sounds far more exciting than a serial monogamist -I'm a monogamist with slutty tenancies. An old favourite can be tossed aside for a different model(but rarely younger) xxx

sabine said...

Val, you look so cute in your blue tights with the blue patterned blouse. I love your boots. Actually the stylish women in France wore boots too. That's true, I saw them in Strassbourg and I was a bit astonished. I always imagine that French women wearing small elegant heeled pumps.
I'm a two bag-woman. I have one for autumn and winter and one for spring and summer. After 2 or 3 years I have to change them. But it always takes weeks until I find an appropriate.

Grunge Queen said...

From one boot lover to another, I love your short booties with the skirt - very funky look. I'm a definite handbag hussy. I ykeep trying to find an all-purpose, every day handbag - but that bores me. So I change them everyday and keep buying more. The good thing is they're all second-hand and mostly thrifted. :)

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I can't stand for my purse to match my outfit so I'll swap it out or another if it does. Whatever purse I carried last I'll carry that one until it "clashes" with the next outfit- and he cycle continues.

pastcaring said...

Loving the teal and turquoise and the skirt with boots - I am back in tights after the briefest of flirtations with sandals, you know our British weather...
I will have to out myself as a Randy Wardrobe Slut, though I have favourites I always go back to. One bag just won't do - it depends what I am wearing, what I am doing, etc etc. Changing bags is dangerous though - you have to make sure everything you need is transferred, or you end up with no lipstick, no diary (old school, I know) or even worse, not purse, eek! xxxx

Connie said...

Dear Auntie Val <3 I just had a garage sale and sold ALL of my handbags except for 2! I feels good to be free of all that baggage.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I wanted to say I'm a Randy Wardrobe slut because it just sounds so much more exciting than a serial monogamist. I have lots of handbags but the fact is that I normally use one of two when I leave the house. They are both cross body bags, one is black and the other is brown. I need to have a hands free bag.

I have been writing a post on the 4 most important handbags...just need to finish it.

I am in LOVE with your main squeeze bag. Can I ask where you got it?

Love those booties!


A Matchy Matchy Midlife said...

Never enough teal and turquoise! Lol. You look beautiful in either pair, I' don't find the old ones boring...just quieter.

I do the same exact thing with bags, and the shelf in my closet has a very similar looking row of oldies hanging around! I am jealous of those women who can bag switch for the sake of the look...but that just ain't me!


PinkCheetahVintage said...

You're so lucky to get to wear boots again! Cute kids!! I use several different bags constantly--but I usually keep all several for years... Does that make sense?
Becky :)

Melanie said...

Gotta have more teal and turquoise served up right like you do it. Love it! I'm a bit of both in the closet and my bags. Crush of the moment is my tool box bag which seems to go with everything. I would like to be a slut with glasses but finances prohibit such lechery.

Bella Q said...

I try to swap, but at heart I'm a serial monogamist too. I'm now rotating 2 pairs of sunglasses (because I have over a dozen of super cool shades, but it's hard.) Simple is better I guess. Same with purses, I try to rotate but inevitably it means trouble, like leaving the wallet in the wrong one, left at home.

Your new glasses are too exciting to leave at home. Maybe buy 2 pairs at a time- but one style and only in different colors- you know, to better match all your outfits!

Lynn Dylan said...

I am so glad I stopped by your blog! You're a fun writer! It makes me smile to think about your relationships with former bags: the magic is gone. LOL. I do love your current squeeze though!


PS -- I change bags kind of regularly, but not at the drop of a hat. Or bag, as the case may be.

Mrs C said...

I enjoy this post tremendously! I would say I am an inbetweener. I love bags and went crazy a few years back and buy them a lot but the danger about having m,any is that you tend to forget what you ave. SO when I start going through my bag shelve I would go, "Wow, I haven't use this one for a while" and start using. When I use then I remember how great that bag is and stick to it for a few weeks until I found another one, in my closet of course! But on glasses (yes, I wear one on a regular basis) I stick to one and one alone. I always have to take time adjusting to new glasses which I think make me look weird. I guess I just have to get used to seeing my self with new pair :) A bit envious here that you still can wear a pair of boots.. it's almost summer here :)

MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

Anonymous said...

Hi Val! Love you in teal. And I also love the patchwork looking purse you've got stashed there in your "husband backlog."
I'm switching things constantly and currently am wishing I could trade my teen son in for a nice young girl who thinks I dress cute. ;)

Ariane Lasalle said...

Mee too went back briefly to tights, a bit chilly around these parts but looking good next week
I tend to go for a couple of bags for work and i have weekend bags, smaller not as practical, i don't need as much in my bag on the weekends

have a good weekend

Ariane xxx

Zalina Walton said...

I definitely, have my purses. It's been a while since I bought a purse, because I have so many now. I change my purse with my outfit.

As for your outfit. I love the tights. It been on my mind to buy some, because I just bought a dress that's too short, so I NEED to pair with tights. Thanks for the COLOR idea.