Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Square pegs do fit in round holes

First, THANKS for all the brilliant comments on my last post! A lot of you opened up and offered your own insights and experiences, and the honesty, humor and support was really touching. As I said, there are some amazing women out there! Ann at Blue Hue Wonderland imagined how it would be to have all those women in one room. Well, it would be a party of epic proportions! And the music would be provided by our many musician husbands playing together in the coolest band ever. Our outfits would be creative, inspirational and too excellent for words. Cameras and tequila would abound as we try on each other's shoes and trade handmade jewelry and scarves. Sigh.

Since the world is still a pretty big physical place, we have to be content with virtual parties until I have the bugs in my transporter worked out. Today Jane has invited us to FlightPlatform Living for Shiny T Tuesday. Her invitation said Dress Square, which could be taken in a couple of ways.

skirt - St. John's Bay by JCP; shirt - Sonoma; other shirt - Christopher & Banks; shoes - White Stag

I wasn't sure I'd have time to throw something on and race over to the party, but this morning I put on a plaid shirt (squares) and my pink sapphire earrings (also square).

I paired them up with dots and denim, and here I come!

For shoes I decided to wear the neuest neutral – leopard! These are the wedge sandals that I decoupaged (see post here). And I'm walking these shoes to a virtual party on Wednesday – Bella's ShoeShine at The Citizen Rosebud.

There are lots of parties going on every week or every month. I can't really keep up - and all that alcohol and cake won't do me any good - but I wish I could go to every one.

*I need to add a follow-up to my post LOVE IS LOVE where I mentioned my friends F and H. They stopped to visit us on their way up to Tacoma, Washington, where we all used to live. They'd had this trip planned for a while, but when the recent Supreme Court decision paved the way for federal recognition of same-sex marriage, they decided to get married in Washington State - they'll become husband and husband on Thursday! I'm so excited that I can almost overlook the short notice and my annoyance at not being able to be there. Congratulations, gents!*

What are you celebrating this week? Any virtual parties in your plans?



Jane George said...

oh val i am so glad you linked,,,squares AND dots AND animal print! Nothing square about that, you look fab and oh boy when we get a teleporter invented can i come to that party you talked about!!! xxx

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I am celebrating the end of term and 7 weeks off - one of the great advantages of working in education.

Melanie said...

Dots are just eroded squares that you find on the beach. I love your interpretation, Val. Leopard prints are just squares on acid. Boy, I love your shoes. Good job. I just linked up with Jane George too, right under the wire. And tomorrow another party with Bella. Yes, I shall become a raging something-or-other with too much partying. Congrats to your friends!

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit and those SHOES are amazing!!

Amanda Daybyday said...

You look absolutely lovely. And I love the colour of your hair. Beautiful.

pastcaring said...

How lovely for your friends! Congrats to them.
I did red, white and blue checks for Jane's link up too! And I have a knotted shirt in today - we are spookily in sync, Val! Great look on you, and I love those sandals! xxx

ann wood said...

Those are some fab party shoes with their leopard soles! Thanks for the mention-- actually meeting some of the bloggers be a hoot. That first picture is such a beautiful photo of you!

blue hue wonderland

Kezzie said...

Yay for bloggie friends! You do look lovely in this shirt!x

Spashionista Alicia Searcy said...

Terrific outfit, as usual. Only you can wear a plaid shirt and make it look chic and polished. And those sandals are the cat's meow - pun intended ;-P


sabine said...

You look cute in this comfy outfit! I love the jeans skirt and the tied blouse.
Congrats to your friends!

Paula Ruta said...

Love the decoupaged platforms!
and the virtual party this week is in my head. lol xoxo

Milex said...

in love!

Emalina said...

I love how you've mixed those contrasting patterns, Val, looking so lovely in your cool summer outfir!