Monday, July 22, 2013

Undeniably Me

Geesh, it's funny. Tell me to do a post that's undeniably me, and I just clam up. This week at Shiny T Tuesday the prompt is Undeniably Me. I did think about it when I picked out my clothes last Friday - the fifth day of work is more of an IDGAS day for clothes, so I dressed to feel like, well, like me. Which is nothing fancy.

I am vain. And I'm indecisive. I couldn't decide which of these two pictures was the most flattering.

shirt - Kohl's; jeans - thrifted; sandals - Bare Traps; cuff - Etsy

So you got them both.

The jeans are Levi's - I practically lived in Levi's in high school after the dress code was dropped, so they feel like me.

Another thing about me, I have to be funny, so I made a silly pose.

And I like jackets and blazers, so here's one with some nice details that you can't see because I'm a lousy photographer and can't get the lighting to work for both me and my hair. Actually, I bought this when I had brown hair - it's not great with my argentum color.

corduroy jacket - Foxhole; pose - stupid

Here's the back of the jacket and more of the details..

Here's a brooch I made - chaos colors because, again, I'm indecisive.

And what makes me undeniably me as I'm writing this is that I'm eating chocolate and having hot flashes.

So that's it. What makes you undeniably you?



Megan Gann said...

I think the jacket looks great on you.

Surprisingly, my tattoos. They are something I can wear no matter what I wear.

Otherwise, interesting socks. The bolder the better.

Sheila said...

I don't know what's "me." Obis? Colour? Fun shoes?

I like the funny pose - and that is a lovely jacket. Great cut.

Amanda Daybyday said...

I love that blazer. And especially the the brooch.

Jane George said...

jeeez will you look at your figure! what i wouldn't give to pull off levis and a nipped in blazer!!! you look utterly fabulous Val xxxxx

pastcaring said...

Yes, I had a similar moment of doubt about what was undeniably me - but a maxi was a no brainier, I suppose!
You may be indecisive and vain (though I doubt it, no more so than every other blogger out there!) but this is a great Val-esque outfit, casual and relaxed, with a great fitting jacket and the personal detail of that amazing brooch. Funny? Yes, and kind and thoughtful and clever. Pretty too.
PS. Oh tell me about the nightmare that is the Instruction Manual.... Your photos look fine to me! xxxxx

Angels have Red Hair said...

I think that jacket is fabulous ... and Levis jeans are a staple that should be in everyones wardrobe.
Still giggling over the chocolate and hot flashes comment :0)

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I love the brooch! So fun.

Funny how changing up the hair colour really dictates a person's wardrobe.

My creativity would be what makes me me. Without it I would be lost.


ann wood said...

Oh Val I think you look great. You remind me of my best friend in real life. Your pin is really cool and I can't get enough chocolate either!

blue hue wonderland

Une femme said...

Love the brooch!! You look cool and casual, and the jacket really pulls it all together nicely.

Tamera the Menopausal Supermodel said...

This made me smile!! i love the DIY brooch!!

Gorgeous jackey and you are rockin' the Levi's!!

Undeniably me?? BRIGHT COLORS!!!

Connie said...

Argentum. Oooo. I love that. Well, you are funny and sweet and smart and awfully cute. Perhaps the hot flashes will give you a rosy glow so that no one notices the chocolate in your teeth. Just kidding. A bit of menopausal humor from a fellow flasher. Ya gotta laugh, right?

Vix said...

I love how Americans call them hot flashes, they sound a lot more fun than the British "flushes".
A clever mix of tailoring and casual with some cool jewels, that's how I define you.
Too much bastard jewellery and clothes at least 40 years out of date - that's me. xxx

Kezzie said...

Your brooch is awesome! I love that it is 'chaos'! x

Dawn Elliott said...

My go-to's are skinny jeans, a tunic, and a little jacket or cardigan on know, the layered look. I have to wear earrings or I feel naked...all other jewels are a "maybe," as I easily feel too dressed up to run errands.
Love the chaos brooch...I need one of those, too!

meriusa said...

What makes me undeniably me ?
Shyness and invisibility,hence I admire your sincerity and visibility. !

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

"IDGAS" took me a second there. I've never seen it put like that. I love it and now I'm going to abuse the hell out if it.

Wendy said...

Those sandals!!! I like all of the pics! Ditto on the Levis and the brooch is gorgeous!