Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What if I say I'm not like the others

You guys are the best! I loved the comments and the thoughts that were generated by my last couple of posts – so much honesty, strength, and optimism. What an amazing bunch of women! When are you free for drinks?

I know this discussion is not over, but for now I'm going to lighten the mood.

shirt - JCP; pants - Dockers; belt- ?
Four posts in a row I've used song lyrics for a title. Is that being lazy or resourceful? I've used this title because my accessories are the same, but different from the accessories in this post – leopard print on the shoes and a wire-wrapped bead pendant, like the Venus of Wild Endorphins (SOLD! Thank you, Jane!). 

in my Etsy shop - SOLD!

I call this pendant Chaos Theory because there's a chaos of blue and teal wires wrapped around a star bead and a round greenish bead that represents Earth.

The earrings are little teal wire nests with faux pearls in the middle.

earrings in my Etsy shop - SOLD!
The shoes you've seen before here.

I don't really know anything about Chaos Theory, but that's not because Mr. Sparkle hasn't tried to share the things he's read. He also told me about wormholes and neutrinos and Schrodinger's cat, but if the lesson goes on very long, all I hear is Blahblah schrodingdong Kitty! wormy fartrino.

I'm linking up with Spy Girl for 52 Pick-me-up – Fruit Salad! I'm having peaches with mini-marshmallows and a side of raowrrrrrrr.


PS – Has anyone had any catastrophes since Google Reader got fired?


Megan Gann said...

Lol! I feel similar about theory to you. Sad too because I wish I was more interested in science AND philosophy, but past the surface I glaze over.

As for google reader, I moved to OLD reader which was the closest equivalent I was happy with, but they got bogged down and couldn't keep up with demand. So they are closing their website to private use.

I've since moved back to bloglovin, but it's not my fav. I've yet to try anything else.

Melanie said...

Schrodingdong Kitty! wormy fartrino?? I think we live on the same planet, Val. The only thing I like about chaos theory is the chaos part and I'm real good at that. And I'm good at dark energy sometimes.
You're such a peach in this (urgh). And I adore your necklace!
No change that I can see since the July 1 Readargeddon. Meow.

Connie said...

So I followed every link and I think you explained it all much better than Wikipedia. Poor little maybe not dead cat. BTW your hair looks lovely.

Sheila said...

I haven't notice anything different with Google reader - it all seems the same to me (but then I am not all that up on the current blogging whosits).

Love this pink on you, Val - you are a Venus!

pastcaring said...

Oh all that chaos stuff is HARD! I want to understand, I really do, but my hearing goes a bit like yours after a while. We like the notion of Schrodinger's cat in this house though, even the kids can describe the concept, which shows how strange we all are...
Pretty in pink, Val, love the necklace, and you are rocking those white trousers! xxxx

Anne M Bray said...

Hey there Peaches!
Cat? Did someone say cat? The only string I understand is the stuff used for craft projects and gifts and sometimes bakery boxes. You say there's a theory about it? [Kidding. I've heard tell of string theory. Cannot comprehend. It makes my brain hurt.]

Using song (or movie or book) titles is fun. I've been using them a lot lately too.

I moved over to Bloglovin. It's OK, but did not appreciate having to remake all the folders that I had in Reader. Of course it's different and don't like that I can have a blog in only one folder. I end up reading the same 5 people. SORRY EVERYONE! Tried another one (can't remember name) for about a week and went back to Bloglovin.

And how about the Google Friend Connect being "fired"? Still appears to be active -- or at least still functioning -- for those that still use it. I've had other Google/Blogger issues this week. Plus dealing with bad bandwidth at work.

Almost forgot -- thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up. You're a peach!

Tamera Wolfe said...

You look gorgeous in your peach! I love your necklace and earrings.

My husband starts talking about computers and networking and switches and cyber-security and I just drift off to my happy place......LOLOLOLOLOL

Vix said...

I bought that Stephen Hawking book from a charity shop years ago and it sat untouched on the shelf for years until I redonated it. Life's for wearing pink and pretty jewellery and not bothering with all that dull stuff. xxx

Vix said...

I bought that Stephen Hawking book from a charity shop years ago and it sat untouched on the shelf for years until I redonated it. Life's for wearing pink and pretty jewellery and not bothering with all that dull stuff. xxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

fabulous jewelry. Mad skills. I used google reader for little while when it was still up. I guessed they tapped out on working on it long ago because I couldn't delete blogs I was no longer following. That's why I switched to BlogLovin before the shutdown.

ann wood said...

I've been enjoying your posts, the depth and personal stories you share. When I started my blog I was mostly interested in seeing if I could make photos. As some time has past, I guess just as in life, I'm most interested in people. This group of women is amazing!

Pink and green is such a eye catching combo. Lovely jewelry and as someone else said, your hair cut is looking great!

blue hue wonderland

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Val!

Are we still blogging buddies even tough i linked you with the Throne?
Ah! that science stuff, yes very interesting -My mom's BF is an expert and he explains and tells you in a such fantastic way!
Lovely jewelery!
And love those shoes!

Have a great weekend
I think i will join the pick me up fruit salad too !

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Dear Val, I'm echoing Blue Hue Ann in appreciating your thoughtful humour here, among your commenters, and in your comments over by me. Isn't it amazing how our whole interaction with photographs has changed over the decades.

As Spy Girl Anne said, you are a total peach, but do beware those fartrinos! Pew pew pew!

P.S. also still chuckling from a while back over your outfit strategizing to hit as many link parties at once. :)

DearHelenHartman said...

Thanks for commenting so i could remember to come by and catch up (the older photo of you is stunning and touching). That's the deal with losing reader for me - I just feel sort of exhausted. One more thing to have to relearn? ugh.