Monday, October 14, 2013

And the winner is...

Before I tell you who won the contest in my last post, let me get some business out of the way. First of all, I hope I didn't offend anyone by using the term "gypsy." I used it only in the sense of a visual style that is commonly referred to as gypsy, although it may be completely off the mark in terms of true Romani culture.

Second, I hope my Canadian friends had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Now the contest. The town I was looking for was Odessa, Ukraine. And Becky of Pink Cheetah Village guessed Moscow, only 706 miles away from Odessa! Becky, I've sent you a message on Google+ to get your address. Let me know if you didn't get the message.

First Prize - the first prize I've given away, that is

This was fun! I enjoyed seeing what cities everyone came up with and hearing your reasoning, or lack of. So watch this space - I'll do more giveaways. I can't keep all the crap stuff art I make!

What else happened this weekend? My birthday was Sunday, and I went out to brunch at a lovely bistro here called Marche with my mother, brother-in-law, and the old man. Here's my birthday outfit - several of these pieces have been in previous posts.

outer shirt - White House Black Market, worn here; tank - JCP; "Saloon Sally" skirt - Avatar, worn here; shoes - Chelsea Crew, worn here; shawl and bag - gifts; opal earring, opal necklace, opal pin - gifts from Mr. Sparkle; longer pendant with bees - made by me and stolen from my Etsy shop, worn here

Marche also has a little deli/wine shop/gift shop/bakery/gelateria next door, so we went there for dessert and ogling.

Mr. Sparkle and I had been talking about my present for a few weeks because I decided I wanted a Kindle and he had to order it. Last week when I mentioned it again he said, "I thought you wanted kind-ling!" Oh, he does make life fun.

So now I have a Kindle, my first touch screen device! I'm so urban Amish. I've pre-ordered Donna Tartt's new book, The Goldfinch, but I'll never stop going to the library just for the thrill of it.

I have company coming to stay later this week, so I may not be around much. Plus, I'll be reading on my Kindle, and we're watching Brideshead Revisited from the library (the original series, which is 100 times better than the film, and 10 times longer). In fact, that's why I've been absolutely beastly about getting around to visiting and commenting, and I've been using the word "lovely" so much.

Happy Birthday to all you other lovely October babies! What an absolutely marvelous month!

Oct. 20 - Still celebrating a week later by taking my birthday style over to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.



Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Yeah Becky!

Happy Birthday Val!!! Lovin' your turquoise wrap and shoes.

I've been thinking about one of your recent posts, and I can't help but now think of us, you and I, and some others, as fartists. LOL...I get the giggles every time I think about it.

pastcaring said...

Happy birthday, Val - love that hitched-up skirt and the gorgeous turquoise. I do like Italian cafes with delis, the stuff is usually horribly expensive but so good to browse and ogle!
Well done Becky - damn, Odessa, why didn't I think of that?!
I remember watching Brideshead Revisited when it was first on TV here in 1981. I was at school and there was much swooning over Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews. I watched it again on a re-run recently, and was surprised how well it stands up. Classy, thoughtful drama, true to the book, wonderful acting, unfolding gradually over 16 episodes. Wouldn't get made now, too long and too slow!
Have fun with your guests. xxxx

Vix said...

Happy Birthday! Love that skirt and the turquoise accents and well done to Becky!
Loved Brideshead Revisited back in the day. x

Liz said...

Happy birthday Val. Sounds like you have a great week planned!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Melanie said...

Odessa? That was my second choice - I swear, I swear. Congrats Becky!
If I might say, Val, you look like the cat that ate the canary in these photos, smugly happy enough to make my own life feel dull and uninspiring. But you are absolutely allowed since it's your birthday. Happy Birthday!! Kindling - indeed! laughing. You are stunningly gorgeous in these photo and I adore what you are wearing. I hope you sail on this positive vibe for a long time.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Happy Birthday Val!
How old are you? do you want to tell?

God i missed a few posts! The little box is lovely, yes i use the word too often!

Lovely outfit (hahaha!)
Your aqua shoes are awesome, i love that color, reminds me of a carribean sea - Cuba?

Congrats for the kindle, yes you are urban...ish -

I myself not crazy about the device, i prefer a book, but useful when on vacation, or on a train, subway,etc...

Have a great week!


Connie said...

Ohhhhhhh Odessa!! of course. If it had been Fernie I would have been very confused. I love your birthday outfit. You look beautiful and not another day older. Mr. Sparkle...tee hee.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Happy Birthday!

Everyone should be so lucky as to get some kindling for their birthday ; P

I love the colour of your scarf and shoes. It is great with your hair.


ann wood said...

Happy birthday Val! Oh a kindle, nice gift. You are looking radiant in these birthday pictures. Mr. Sparkle is a lucky man!

blue hue wonderland

Lynn Marsh said...

Happy Birthday.

Tamera Wolfe said...

Happy birthday Val!1 you look satunning in your black 7 white with aqua!!
You'll LOVe your Kindle!!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

happy burdfay. You look so wonderful in your birthday suit... er I mean clothes. Birthday clothes...

Megan Gann said...

Congrats to the winner.

Also bowl me over with hotness! That outfit is incredible! Congrats on the Kindle, many happy readings.

Dawn Elliott said...

You look amazing...gypsy...yes, even boho! Glad you had such a fun celebration! Yup, it's hard to get out there with, too...and an upcoming art show out of town. It's unbelievable that we get any blogging/visiting done!

Patti said...

Happy birthday! "Urban Amish" made me laugh out loud. Enjoy you bday present, and thanks for linking up!

Kicking and Screaming 55+ Petite Style said...

Love those shoes! "urban Amish" too funny. Belated Happy Birtday.
Norma VanV

Paula Ruta said...

LOVE the brideshead series from PBS! Funny story tho; I was so enamored by the series, I decided to suggest reading it for book club? OMG, they were ready to kill me--most hated the book! I liked it in college, but the second reading; meh. Just a FYI.

Paula Ruta said...

oh and Happy Birthday! xoxo

Zalina Walton said...

Love the skirt and shoes. Your outfit looks so bohemian and chic.
Happy Birthday! What a small world, tt was my father's birthday, too.

The Style Crone said...

Happy Birthday Val! Celebrate for the entire month. Gorgeous ruching on your skirt and the vibrant accecnt color screams celebration. Enjoy your kindle and the 'old man.'

Jean at said...

Turquoise and black is always fabulous!! You wear it perfectly. I love the shoes and shirred up skirt. Happy birthday to you too! A kindle, huh? I use them at work when I narrate audio books, but when I curl up to read, I love the feel, smell, and sound of real pages. Archaic right? When I was young I used to to be fascinated with the pages in our family bible, onion-skin thin with a unique sound when you turn the pages. Maybe it's a ploy to get you to read.

I hope you celebrate all month long!!! XXOO

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

I'm in complete agreement with how great you look ... your outfit works in every way. Happy Birthday! Here's to many, many, MANY more happy, healthy ones! Let me know how you like *The Goldfinch*, please. Been reading really inviting reviews.
So happy you got your Kindle! Fire? Paperwhite? Dan and I have both had our lives changed by them. And that's not putting too fine a point on it. We are folks who always lug our books and periodicals around with us, and this makes it so much easier. Enjoy, enjoy.
It's not as if one has to give up hard-copy books. Coffee or tea? Boots or shoes? Love my books, and love my Kindles! Congrats on all.

Mrs. D said...

Congrats to Becky (lucky Becky, I might add)
Love your shoes in this post!!!

Mrs. D said...

oh and happy belated Birthday xx