Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dream, dream, even for a little while

I think I must have had a low-grade fever last week. My dreams were mostly those kind that go round and round with no story, no imagination, just a regurgitation of what I'd been doing – mostly gluing little bits of paper – in an endless loop. I know I'm feeling better now because the other night I dreamed I was in a town near a harbor, in a tall, wood-frame building with stairs around the outside, and later a bunch of ladies in ruffled dresses were having a party. It was fun, and I can't wait to see where I'll go tonight! I love dreams, but then I'm fortunate not to have bad dreams very often.

I used to work with someone who said that she didn't usually dream, and when she did she didn't like it. She was a very irritating woman.

Now the clothes, and link-ups to parties with ladies in ruffled dresses. Well, maybe ladies in ruffled hats. 

hat - small shop in Seaside, Oregon; scarf - consignment shop; jacket - old, retail, brooch - homemade

Although I don't have many hats, the weather is right to pull this one out again (previously seen here) for Hat Attack! Since the old post with this hat, I took the little button off the back so the hat sits higher again, like it's supposed to. Come on over to the Style Crone's place to see some fabulous chapeaux, and a video starring the SC herself!

The hat has a herringbone tweed, and I added the crocheted flowers and buttons. Toss in a corduroy jacket and dress it with a silk scarf and you've got a Texture Salad! Isn't that a great prompt for 52 Pick-me-up? Come on over and see what everyone else has mixed up!

Mr. Sparkle is singing "Oliver, Oliver..."

I couldn't get decent color when I took these photos (damn taupe walls!) and the weather outside was, well, monsoonal. So I ended up just turning the photos to black and white, which highlights the texture, right? It makes them almost look dreamlike, except that I dream in color - except for that one time.

I've noticed that my dreams seem to revolve around certain settings. I often walk through cityscapes with hills, or sometimes just individual buildings. Quite often there are large social gatherings, so my dreams the other night I covered them all! Do these settings seem typical? What do you dream about?



ann wood said...

Your hat is styling and it looks great on you! This style of hat is my personal favorite with short hair. And oh your boxes, just fantastic! They are beautiful and look well constructed. i enjoy seeing your creative side. They look fun to make and I dig the miniature ceramics!

blue hue wonderland

sabine said...

Cool that cap! I love the combination of tweet and cord and the crocheted flowers.

Vix said...

You're rocking that cap and you look utterly fabulous in black and white.
Those sweet crochet flowers are the perfect addition.
Sometimes a dream will stay with me all day and other times I can't remember a thing. xxx

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

This totally reminds me of something I would wear. In fact...did you get that hat out of my drawer? Just be sure to put it where you got it from when you're done with it : )

This hat and outfit really suits you. I am a bit disappointed there isn't any colour though.

I often dream I am being chased to either be brutally murdered, or I am trying to escape from being viciously raped and then murdered. I have nightmares almost all the time. Last night though it wasn't so treacherous. I was in a store and the lost my other shoe. I had to leave wearing only one shoe.
I wouldn't want to get my dreams analyzed. I'm sure they'd say I'm crazy.

The Style Crone said...

So funny you should write about dreams today. Last night I had a dream about having been accepted into medical school. I've been laughing to myself about this ever since. Where did that come from?

Black and white does highlight the texture beautifully. Great hat and I love your additions of crocheted flowers and buttons. I'm thrilled to see you styling at Hat Attack.

Melanie said...

I love your black and whites, Val, so maybe it's a good thing your taupe walls got in the way. And these fit with the dream theme. I dreamt there were 2 geese, buttery beige, sitting on a flying house rooftop (I was flying on a neighbouring house), and one goose put the other goose's head in his mouth for a joke. The other goose pulled it out and thought, "Sheesh!" Let's not analyse that okay? Maybe I'll see you on the roof next time.

Ann said...

Your cap looks so cool
and so is your jacket.

I'm fascinated by dreams
I wonder what makes us dream the dreams we have. There must something to them.

pastcaring said...

The black and white photos really suit this hat and jacket; you're right, it highlights the textures beautifully. Love the hat, and that first pic is gorgeous.
I hardly ever remember my dreams, I must sleep the dreamless sleep of the blameless. Or the drunk. xxxx

Anne M Bray said...

A delicious Texture Salad! So glad you joined in my party!

I often have dreams situated in places I used to live. Unresolved issues?

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I love the hat and the addition of the flowers. Hope your weather improves over the weekend. Don't you hate a dull weekend?

Secret Squirrel said...

Gorgeous photos! Yes, very Dickensian, but great with it! Oliver was never so textured. Interesting to hear about your dreams. I remember mine every night, and get very vivid dreams - often I don't know if they are true when I first wake up! I had a recurring dream when I was a child, for years and years. I have found out since it is a classic child anxiety dream (involving giants). They are rarely 'bad' and I enjoy being in them... Xx

Sheila said...

The rain has just been dismal - but we are in rainforest areas, so we really can't complain (or can we?).

Love the hat, Val!

Dawn Elliott said...

Hey! I want to get my hats out now because you prompted a response deep inside me! Yours is uber-cool! Today I woke up to 37 degrees...I do believe it's time! Thanks, Missy!

Connie said...

Oh I see it: "you've got to pick a pocket or two" I think you look great in black and white. I dream A LOT. My mother's husband is a psychiatrist and everytime I visit them I wake up in the morning and say to him, "I had the most interesting dream last night." Then I proceed to tell him and he always looks at me with a very concerned look on his face. Then he says, "please don't tell me about your dreams." Cigars and donuts? What's so strange about that?

PinkCheetahVintage said...

You look so cute in that hat--super pretty! I have a super hard time if I try to speak (out loud) in my dream--it's laborious. My mom doesn't dream. Or says if she does she doesn't remember them. So weird to me.
Seriously, you look adorable. Hats, low grade fever, black & white pics, and dreams look good on you.

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Val!

I dream about not giving my school work on time, strange isn't that i am still dreaming about that -
Nice cap indeed, i like the crochet flowers, nice addition
I like the first pic, the close up plus b&w pics are so so flattering i always tought -

Take care

Ariane xo

Beata B said...

Very cute hat! I love it :)