Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Big O

That title may be a little misleading, and will lead to crazy hits from Google web searches.

The Big O is October, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Well, we had mists last week - today it just hit 80 degrees! But I love October because it's my birthday next week.

Also, it was a year ago that I decided to add more jazz to my pizzazz – have an extra olive in my martini – put the "lish" in embellish. I cut my hair, went on a shopping spree, and started cruising the blog scene. By the time I found Visible Monday, I was sliding down the blogger rabbit hole. I linked up with a few pictures from my Facebook page until I started my own blog at the end of the year.

So here's to a year of haircuts, new glasses, scarves, boots, and imagination! I'm always inspired by you creative and stylish women, and I wish I had time to read and comment even more. I also wish I was half as clever as most of you with the way you shop, sew, and style your outfits. Not to mention your photography, video, and writing. I'm hoping some of your talent and flair will rub off on me eventually!

jeans and boots - thrifed; top - Christopher & Banks; scarf - Liverpool airport

This was my outfit on Friday. It's a pretty ordinary outfit, and you're probably tired of seeing these same jeans and boots (my favorites, can you tell?). I wore a military-style top and this scarf I bought at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. 

At work, one of my colleagues was wearing virtually the same top and a scarf (red) tied exactly the same way, and she had a bangle that matched her scarf. And she was born one day after me. Separated at birth or what?

rubber bracelets made in Africa, bought at Seattle Art Museum - easy to wear, waterproof, no clanking

After work I went to get my teeth cleaned with my new hygienist. I used to have a different hygienist, let's call her Martha. She's kind of dull, has a limited sense of humor, plays saccharine country music, and would jab my gums while scraping - hard - on my teeth, while she told boring little stories about her family, holidays and travel. The new hygienist, let's call her Lulu, is funny and easy-going, she plays cool music, and she doesn't hurt me while she tells funny stories about her family and their personalities, their plans for a Hawaiian Christmas, and their recent trip to San Diego. See, they're the same subjects, but she just makes them interesting. And she's more careful in her work. And her birthday is the day before mine. No wonder I like her!

gift from Mr. S., made circa 1920 in Chester, UK

O is also for opals, my birthstone, so I wear opals every day in October. It was this little ring that Lulu asked about that led me to finding out her birthday.

It's also Sheila's birthday this month - go check out her '70s birthday party! I was late and missed the ferry, but I can still make it to Patti's for Visible Monday #114.

Okay, I've gone on long enough. Who else has a birthday this month?



Melanie said...

Val Unleashed. Yup.
Love your attitude. Glad you started blogging so I could meet you as I'm not on Facebook. The rubbing off goes both ways. I'm not sure what I've caught from you, I think it's infectious and life extending.

Patti said...

A year has flown by so quickly, Val - I remember when I first "met" you ("she's cool", I thought/think). I love it that you wear your favorites a lot - me too, they are my favorites after all : > Love your casual pre-birthday look here and thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xo

Connie said...

Happy Birthday my little Sparkler! My mom's birthday is in October. She always told me that it was bad luck to wear opals unless it was your birth stone. Is that true? Or did she just not want me wearing her jewelry? I'm so glad you're around. The party got livelier when you arrived. <3

bluehuewonderland said...

I agree with Melanie, I love your attitude. I enjoy your spirited writing so much. I might be able to take a zinger picture but alas my writing is not so accomplished. I love your creative take on blogging and also enjoy your great artwork. Look forward to seeing what you will do in the future and happy birthday!

blue hue wonderland

Unknown said...

I, for, one, am glad you travelled down that blogger rabbit hole! After all, if not now, when? YOLO takes on a whole new meaning when you're old enough to appreciate the "L" isn't eternal.
I love your scarf and I don't care how many times I've seen the outfit; it's a great outfit ;-)


Susan B said...

Val, you are such a wonderful addition to the style blogosphere. Happiest of Birthdays to you!!

~julee~ said...

I'm so glad you started blogging, Val! Happy birthday month!!

joyatri said...

Time flies when you're having fun. I remember being pleasantly surprised that we shared having a British partner, studied art history and having non-colored hair. And my birthday isn't even in October!

The Style Crone said...

Happy birthday and congratulations on one fabulous year of blogging. I love your wit and your style, your writing and your self expression. Looking forward to another year of 'Val.'

sabine ingerl said...

Congrats for the first year of blogging. I'm glad you started with it.
My Mom's birthday is on Thursday. October woman are great!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Happy Blogoversary, Val! I also love October and all in favor of adding more jazz to our pizazz!! You are a wonderful addition to our blog community...keep up the good work!!

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Happy birthday you sparkly fantastic fox!!

October is my favorite month!!

I love your outfit--not boring at all!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday for next week Val!
How old 29? you don't look a day over that;)
I love your pics, nice light, when did you take the pics, at the end of the day? if so, it's the best light for pics -

Take care


PinkCheetahVintage said...

Looking good!!! Glad you made your way to the scene so I could meet you :)
This makes me realize I need a new hygienist.

Suzanne said...

Happy Blogversary! and an early Happy Birthday!

It is great you slipped down that rabbit hole so I could partake in your wild stories and humour.


Unknown said...

Val, im so glad i met you! You always make me laugh! Enjoy the O's! Xoxo

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Only the best people wear opals, moonstones and are born in October. My birthday is next week too! I don't have a lot of opals (you can share that with anyone who wants to send me some) so I wear skulls instead.

Unknown said...

Soooo happy you began blogging a year ago! Your blog has been a bright spot for me all year. I particularly remember you flung across a piece of furniture, kicking your legs like a kid ... not what you were wearing, but the great smile on your mug! I also especially loved your wedding gown celebrating the Gay Rights for marriage victory. I just love you, Val.
And Happy B-Day in advance. How do you manage to get folks to cough up gifts IN ADVANCE? Hard enough to get them to remember me at all! So happy you were born. Love, love, love your opals. I have s small collection ... not my birthstone, and I just ignore the superstition. What a lot of lore around opals. Your new one is absolutely lovely. Great taste, your mister.
You look fab in each and every photo.
Happy celebratory week to you, Val and here's to many more to come.

popcosmo said...

Happy Birthday month!!! Love your opal ring... and I don't say that often because I'm an October b'day baby also and can't find many opals I like! But yours is simple and bold, which is perfect :) I think us October b'day gals have the best month - we have new beginnings in fall, crazy times with Halloween, and the best season for fashion!
Happy, Happy
xo ~kim (and chloe)

Gabriala Brown said...

Val, you are a crack up! I don't think you need any rubbing off. I thought you were a professional blogger from the moment I read your first witty post. xo

renae said...

Fun poses and great closeups.

Dawn Elliott said...

I have a bunch of friends with birthdays this month, so you guys are all right! Your blog is one that I read regularly because I love your writing and humor...I'm glad that you took it up! And posting your favorite looks as much as you want is totally cool.
Happy celebrating!

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

You're the "O" in my October. I'm not quite sure what that means... but I like the way it sounds.

Curtise said...

Happy first blog anniversary, Val! I'm glad you decided to go for it, and joined in the ongoing conversation, it's a great hobby. And you never have to apologise for wearing your favourite things, that's the reality for most of us, isn't it? And they - and you - look good!
Love opals - my birthday is June, but that's OK, isn't it?! xxx

citizen rosebud said...

I tell ya, the best folks are born in October. Happy Birthday month!

I like the fact that you wear what you love- and the way you tie a scarf is always cool.

Veshoevius said...

Happy Birthday for next week! And here's to you celebrating the start of another year of fab haircuts, boots and more lish in embellish.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Happy Birthday this week Val! You bring so much to this blogging community and I for one, am thrilled you jumped down the rabbit hole. You always write with such openness and humour! I always wrap up the end of each of your posts with a silent, 'I hope I get to meet you!' thought. We are, after all, on the same coast.

I wonder if dental hygienists have a class on what to ramble on about with patients? You're right. The dialogue is always so similar.

List Addict said...

Happy Birthday! It's my birthday next wek too. All the rockingest chicks are born in October. Well, all the dreaming equalisers, all the beauty-loving balancers, all the diplomatic nutballs at least. Have a great week!!

Fur Earwig

Cathie said...

My birthday is next week, too. Maybe the same day as yours. I think October is the best month. Thanks for sharing your style and your thoughts on this wonderful time in a woman's life.