Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Haircut 100

Did your mother cut your hair when you were young? Mine did. It usually went like this:

Oops! That's a little uneven. I'll just straighten that up a little.

Oh, oh! I'd better even that side up now.

Whoops! Oh, well.

Thank goodness hair grows out or I'd still look like this!

circa 1963, ready for the Scandinavian Festival

Things haven't changed much, except now it's me with the scissors. It usually goes like this:

S#@*%&! That's uneven. I'll straighten it up a little.

Bloody *&*%# hell! Now I have to even that side up!

Crap! G*&d@*&^%$! moth%#$%$^son of a @$*! %^&(&*%#!@!!!!!#@*^&%!!!!!!!!

You would think I would have learned after all these years. Actually, I have learned one thing - if it's shorter than you wanted it but the shape sucks, you have to cut some more until the shape is better. Super short hair with no shape is just a prison haircut, and that's a style I work hard to avoid. Except for maybe the striped shirt.

still petulant after all these years

I just keep cutting and trimming and thinning and shaping for days - I'm constantly sweeping up hair! It looked horrid yesterday, but I think I finally got it to a point I can live with now. I might even like it a little. Tiny. Bit.

Have you seen Fabulous Fashionistas? You can watch it via this link (thanks, Sara!). It was a great! I really loved these women, especially Jean. I hope I'm half as healthy and interesting and gorgeous in 15 or 20 or 30 years. I could start now with a signature prison haircut...

To all my American friends, have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember how lucky you are. And to everyone else, I'll be thinking of you while we have a four-day weekend!



Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

You are too cute Val! And your childhood photo is sweet as well!

I love your stripes with stripes outfit. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Haha i do remeber the cut from my childhood , i have a picture on my bedstand of me age 6 with the most uneveben bangs ...
but i think you look great !
Have a great weekend !

Connie said...

You have ALWAYS been adorable. I was subjected to quite a few Tonettes in my childhood.

Sheila said...

I think you've done a marvelous job on your hair - bangs are so tricky! I have been the victim of some of Mom's bad haircuts (and my own, shhhh).

Vix said...

Your hair looks great.
I still cut my own, I'd rather be responsible than a scissor happy hairdresser.
Fabulous Fashionistas was a fantastic documentary. Nice to see "real" woman as positive role models.
Happy Thanksgiving. xxx

Sandra said...

my goodness you are good! it's a really great haircut and looks so good, I chop mine, I much prefer it my way, I think I have a wonky head though as hairdressers always seemed to do one side longer, I digress!
Fabulous Fashionista's was amazing, I loved it! your childhood pic is the sweetest x x x

ann wood said...

Your hair looks great, I don't see a prison cut here! The bangs are right on. I do the same in between hair cuts. I have seen this documentary. It's an eye opener for a positive way of being for your entire lifetime. Cute childhood picture.

blue hue wonderland

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Ooo, that reminds me, I am overdue for cutting my bangs too short. From one champion sulker and self-haircutter to another, nicely done! Fortunately, no one can see both sides of our heads at once, eh? And I like your stripes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing cut, you have done a fantastic job. I cut my sister's hair once and she didn't speak to me again for over a week!

Tamera Wolfe said...

I gave myself a version of your childhood bangs when I was a kid-LOLOLOL

My aunt cut my hair when I was young and was darn good at it.

I've done enough DIY haircuts to know my limitations--I can trim my bangs and that's IT!!

I love your haircut--wispy yet shaped!! Plus it's such a gorgeous color!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I can't believe you are able to cut your own hair. How do you do the back?

I certainly doesn't look like you cut it on your own.

Have you been watching Orange is the New Black? Give a whole new meaning to the word's prison haircut. Or trading your hair in prison.

I can't believe that is you in the photo! Those bangs!

I loved that film.

Happy American Thanksgiving!


Patti said...

Oh that childhood photo - I love it. I had many similar "bangs" cuts, but with curly hair, it was hard to tell how bad they were! I really like your new cut, and you have skillz, my friend, to be able to do it yourself. xox

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Yeah, my mom only had to cut my bangs twice a year!

I think you look wonderful. (Sending file in the mail!)

Tami Von Zalez said...

The first image is proof that you are a lifelong fashionista ~ rocking the classic Heidi attire.

Aya in Couturgatory said...

I am super impressed. I gave my own bangs a memorable trim or two as a child, but having my father try to cut them was worse. :D I remember he'd gather everything into a pony tail, then trim all of those ends even.

Your hair looks great! I love the color and the style you gave yourself. Definitely not something I'd have the courage to try.

Kezzie said...

What a cutey you were!!!! My Mum cut my hair and I had one HORRID cut when I was 13 where it remained shorter on one side. Oh it was MORTIFYING!!!
Your hair loooks great, not at all too short- it's very stylish and not prisonish! I daren't cut my own!x

Kelly Jackson said...

Aw, I love your do, then and now - and I'm amazed that you do your own hair, and so well. I cut my short hair once - butchered it then never heard the end of it at the hairdresser's. Scarred for life now. What a great shot of you as a kid, esp with the bangs! xo

pastcaring said...

What a great pic of you in that amazing costume. The fringe is frighteningly reminiscent of my mum's attempts at hairdressing too...
But you have obviously developed some skills, Val - your hair is looking lovely!
Yes, the documentary was really good, and has received a lot of attention, Jean was my favourite too. xxx

Mrs. D said...

Happy Thanksgiving sweetie!
I cut my own hair very often too, which means I only pay a visit to the pros once every 6 months or so.
It needs to be done once in a while, I'm not that good at it :P
I'm glad you liked the Fabulous Fashionistas - they're so inspiring!

Lynn Marsh said...

I had those bangs....alot! I too trim my own sometims and worry I will end up with them again.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I think your hair looks wonderful!!! Love the baby pic!

Dawn Elliott said...

Your non-prison hair and prison blouse look very svelte!

Angele Style said...

Oh my daughter has so many "Mean Mom" stories and cutting her hair is one of them. To this day I watch all the You Tube videos on how to trim your ends or cut your bangs and then I go in the bathroom to start and chicken out. Bravo to you not only for cutting your own hair but it looks GREAT. I have long hair but if it was short I would want it to look just like yours.

Ayse Tunnay said...

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susanjmb said...

I'm always hacking at my hair...and was just thinking I should probably go to the hairdresser and have it shaped up. Then I read your post comments of others and thought "Why bother?" Question though...how do you manage to do the BACK of your hair?