Friday, November 8, 2013

I never need to shop again


I went to Goodwill the other night to look for a black midi skirt, and I didn't find one (so I guess I will be shopping again).

Then I thought I'd take a quick look at the tops. And I bought four.

The Four Tops

I actually have quite a few pants and skirts, so I really did need some more tops. I set out to look for some with a longer short sleeve - and I ended up with cap sleeves, bell sleeves and puffy sleeves. But I love them all, and they'll be fine for the office with a jacket or cardigan, and they'll be fine in the summer on their own. So many things to mix and match - these have increased my wardrobe exponentially by a factor of LOTS!

Here's my favorite, and the one I wore first.

I love the spots and the colors and the sort of retro look. It's cotton and silk, and from Banana Republic originally. I'm wearing it with an old faithful green cardi, and thrifted belt and shoes. My necklace is two jade whales that used to be earrings - my dad brought them back from Alaska years ago, when I was young and had smooth skin and no wrinkles.

The rust colored jeans (Lee) look fantastic with this top, and this shirt will also look great with just about all my tights, skirts, pantaloons, jodhpurs, jeans, slacks, trousers, jackets, cardis, shoes, boots, necklaces, scarves. You get the picture.

I'll be receiving my new tunic from Marketplace: Handwork of India soon, and I'm looking forward to doing that post. Stay tuned!



sabine said...

Great findings, Val! That's what happened in the thrift shops, you seldom find things you are looking for but lots of other options and ideas. The spotted blouse actually is beautiful, with the light green cardi and the rost colored jeans it is a lovely color mix.
You still have beautiful skin, the beautiful skin of a mature woman.

Vix said...

What a great haul but I bet you will go shopping again 'cos it's sod's law that once you find a shedload of great stuff you'll keep finding more and more!
Can't wait to see the Indian tunic! x

Kezzie said...

The tops are lovely, esp the spots. The Indian tunic sounds super!! X

ann wood said...

Those are some good tops! Isn't it amazing what you can find? We spotted blouse is cute with the green sweater and rust jeans, perfect for wearing to work. What wrinkles! I think you have beautiful skin.

blue hue wonderland

une femme said...

Four Tops, hahaha! I really like the outfit; the rust and mint green are a great combo.

joyatri said...

Goodwill is a dangerous place. And of course, one always finds what one isn't looking for. I like the retro feel of that blouse, too, and can see what a great, versatile addition it is to your wardrobe.
I'm doing a sponsored post next week for MarketPlace India, too!

Sandra said...

great haul! all of them are great and I love the polkadot one, its fab with your jeans and cardi, can't wait to see your new tunic and I agree with Ann, you have beautiful skin x x x

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

you're so cute!! You really are!

Sheila said...

That is the thing about thrifting: you don't find what you're looking for, but so many other treasures seem to leap out at you! Great purchases!

Megan Gann said...

All really excellent pieces! I never get what I expect when thrifting, so I usually go in with an open mind. looks like you found some goodies!

Mrs. D said...

Lovely finds! I love the Alaska earrings turned necklace <3

The Style Crone said...

I have so many earrings that have lost their mates, and love the idea of incorporating them into necklaces. Thanks for the clever idea.

Goodwill treated you well, serving up tops to take you through many seasons.

Dawn Elliott said...

Ha! It's just like to me to go to Goodwill under the pretext of looking for something, then to come out with (lots of) something else! Great scores! I never need to shop again either, but I will!!!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Val!

You should see my closet! plus the cats got into it last night i mess things up a bit!

I love that last pic of you!
You have gorgeous hair Lady and the cut is superb -
You are right those colored jeans are fabulous with the top