Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pimp My Coat

First of all, did you see this article about Visible Monday and all the visible women who take part and blog? They even mentioned Late Blooming Sparkle, although they implied I was part of the homegrown British "younger crew." Oh, well, it's fun to get noticed!

Now, I need your help! I've got an excellent and virtuous rain coat that needs some zing.

It has a good length that keeps my knees from getting wet, water beads up on it, and it's lightweight. It has a removable hood, a removable lining, snap pockets, and hand-warming pockets (or whatever you call them).

I bought this coat a couple of years ago at JCP, and since then I've seen about 238 women wearing the same coat. I almost took the wrong coat home after a party when I put on one that looked exactly the same, but had some stranger's gloves in the pocket.

I just want to give it some new life. I especially don't like the gray lining anymore - I see it everywhere!

I don't want to do any heavy duty sewing. It's actually the ripping out of seams that scares me the most. But there must be something I can do to make it unique.

That's why I'm asking advice from all you creative and talented people. What would you do? Any great ideas?



une femme said...

Could you add a faux fur collar? Change out the buttons?

ann wood said...

Could you draw on the lining with some type of fabric marker? Michaels might have something like this, I don't know. Seems like I've seen fine tipped markers for fabric. What about wearing a bright colored belt? Maybe too much fabric for a belt? The fur hat is really fun!

blue hue wonderland

Sheila said...

Can you get any kind of iron-on interfacing in a pattern that you could use on the inside of the hood/front placket/cuffs? Also, what about a bedazzler?? :) Bedazzle the crap out of it! Do a big bedazzled skull on the back!

I love the idea of totally transforming this coat. I have seen a million of them too - you really need to make this a Sparkle Coat!

Vix said...

I wondered if you'd seen that you'd been called "one of the British Contingent" in the High 50 article!
Fare fur collar? New buttons? Stencilling a design on with fabric paint? xxx

pastcaring said...

Umm, that's a tricky one. Sew a new patterned/coloured lining in the hood and on the cuffs? Dye the removable lining a bright colour? Do something to the buttons? Paint them if they are snap closures? Add some sort of trim down the front placket and around the hem? Take it in a bit down the side seams so it's a slimmer fit and you could add a belt? I don't know how do-able any of those things are!
You can be an honorary Brit, Val! Wasn't it great to see Patti's generous hospitality getting some recognition? xxxx

Sandra said...

It was a fantastic article!
I had a little think about your coat, and was most impractical! faux fur collar, cuffs and a big trim on the hem and leopard belt hmmm or if the lining is fleece dye it? or add huge pom-poms on the toggles or bedazzle the lapels, good luck! x x x

josep-maria badia said...

A beautiful coat and a fantastic look with the hat.

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

You can use fabric paints on almost anything. You can even wash the clothing after painting them. Just make sure they are fabric paints. Thinned acrylic paints work too, but they can bleed.

Since it is a dark fabric it might be hard to make the paint stand out.

What about using metal studs? You could add diamond shaped metal studs to the collar and the cuffs. They poke on and are available through Etsy. Like the ones you see on leather jackets all the time.

Also they have all kinds of iron on appliqu├ęs at Michaels. Embroidered ones too that would be easy peezy to use.


Carina Rosenholm said...

Fake fure! Collar and round the arms!
Match your divane hat .

Tamera Wolfe said...

I'm with Sheila--first thing I thought was RHINESTONES!!!

Kezzie said...

Ooh, I haven't read the article but I will! As to how to cheer it up, how about sewing a motif on both pockets like a ladybird or a plain red heart. You could then add a stream of funky rainbow buttons down the front instead of the black ones!

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Oh Wow...lots of creative ideas floating around here. You know, we're all going to be waiting with bated breath to see what you come up with! My upcycling seldom goes well, so I'm hesitant to recommend anything beyond the good karma of giving it to good will and buying something more colourful. Having said that, I have painted fabrics before with success...you've seen them on the blog...and I've also painted snaps with artist marking pens, so you could brighten up the snaps with gold metallic marker. But that's about all I would attempt. Lame, I know. I think if you paint the lining, it might feel to textured and not be comfortable to wear, do you know what I mean? Yup...just the snaps for me...and wearing it with a pretty scarf that ties in with the coat colours, but adds brightness. That, and colourful gloves! Hope you're not too disappointed in me, :)

Big congrats on the shout out via Visible Monday!

Megan Gann said...

Appliques, patches, rhinestones, detachable collars! Fresh buttons. All sorts of possibilities!

I'm never one to let a good piece go if there's a viable fix for it. Don't let a perfect (if plain) jacket pass you by! Jaazzz that puppy up!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Hi Val!

I would put a fake fur sleeveless vest over the coat - or why don't you treat yourself to a new kick ass coat? The charity shops are full of coats these days


the Citizen Rosebud said...

I can't sew a lick. I would stencil- either on the grey lining (collar and sleeves) or something fun on the back. Fabric paint or spray paint and a fun stencil would add instant character and appeal! Congrats on the mention by the way!

Paula Ruta said...

I dont know how heavy it is, but last year i wore some fur vests OVER my coat, just for a new look.
And loved the article; i was so gl ad to see so many of my friends mentioned!

Mrs. D said...

Great coat and even better hat!!!

Cathie said...

Kind of late to comment, but maybe you will see this. How about adding a trim on the cuffs and the inside of the collar, on the gray part, like one of theses?


It is a nice coat but I can see why you would like to perk it up.