Sunday, December 1, 2013

Good Gosh!

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? It seems a ridiculous concept. Why should we not have goodness imbue our lives? Take this wonderful holiday weekend, for example.

Thursday, which was not only Thanksgiving but also Mr. Sparkle's birthday, was filled with celebration and good food - turkey, ham, garlic-cheese mashed potatoes, brandied fruit cake, chocolate... And that was just the food! Everyone at our table brought their very best lovely personalities, kindness and good humor. We wanted for nothing, and no one farted like they did at the Ramsey Thanksgiving.

you can walk behind the falls

Friday was quiet and calm, filled with the goodness of leftover turkey, ham, and garlic-cheese mashed potatoes, as well as brandied fruitcake and chocolate. By the way, I haven't mentioned wine because it is just assumed.

Saturday Mr. Sparkle and I went to Silver Falls State Park, where these pictures were taken. We walked five miles on the loop trail, which takes in about seven waterfalls! We brought along our lunch of turkey and ham sandwiches, as well as brandied fruitcake, some chocolate, and a thermos of tea. (No wine - I have my limits.)

The lodge at Silver Falls State Park

Sunday morning Mr. Sparkle always makes blueberry pancakes, which we eat at the front of the house so we can look at the park across the street. Today everything had a magical, turkey-wine-brandy-chocolate-induced aura of goodness! The steam coming off Mr. Sparkle's tea was curling and corkscrewing into beautiful patterns.

There was a crow trying to sit regally atop a branch that kept dipping because it was too weak for his weight. He finally flew off and landed on the power lines and tried to act nonchalant. In my own mellow goodness, I pretended I hadn't seen him looking silly and discombobulated.

Alas, the weekend is almost over, and tomorrow it will be back to --- no, I can't say the word.

Instead, here is a picture of me in a headband so I can link up with Hat Attack! and of course, Visible Monday.

Happy Mellow Goodness to you all!



Sheila said...

Oh, that looks just wonderful, Val! Happy b-day to Mr. Sparkle - what a perfect way to spend it. Gorgeous pictures!

Paula Ruta said...

Val, what a wonderful little journey! sounds like you had a wonderful weekend; we did too.
OUr office has moved and so tomorrow I have a commute that will be twice as long....well, it was only 10 minutes before so now it'll be 20. lol. Have a great week. xoxo

Connie said...

Oh this is so beautiful. I can almost smell the piney mossy woodsey smell. I miss the Pacific Nothwest. Happy Birthday, Mr. S. you lucky boy.

une femme said...

What absolutely stunning scenery! I'm glad to hear you had such a wonderful weekend. I'm not ready to go back to the-place-that-will-not-be-named either.

ann wood said...

What a relaxing post and beautiful falls and forest. I've never been to the Pacific Northwest. The trees are huge! Sounds like the perfect holiday.

blue hue wonderland

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

These photos just remind me of BC. It looks so lovely and peaceful.

What a serene little trip.

I'm loving the floral headband!


Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Sparkle!

Lovely photos Val. As a kid, our family often took summer road trips driving to California to visit family. I remember beautiful stops in Oregon, but have not been to this park. It looks gorgeous to say the least. Definitely gives the beautiful Oregon coast something to be nervous about!

Hope your Monday is a funday!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

So glad to hear the feasting didn't turn into a fart-fest Val, the Thanksgiving-birthday weekend sounds perfectly idyllic! What a beautiful part of the the world you live in m'lovely, thank you for sharing these glorious pics of the forest as it plunges into winter ... so gorgeous. xoxo

christine said...

Wow....... great pictures!! Have a godd time.

Sandra said...

beautiful pics, what a wonderful weekend and Happy Birthday to Mr Sparkle - the waterfall pics are mesmerizing, how brilliant to walk behind the waterfall too x x x

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What great pictures and great description of a lovely weekend. I feel more relaxed just reading it.
(And I didn't even share your wine!)

Patti said...

Happy birthday to Mr. S. and oh my - you cannot have "too much" goodness - but you can have a lot! Your weekend looks/sounds like heaven. Thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday. xo

Laurie said...

What a lovely weekend. Did you make the headband? It looks cozy and it's stylish. Perfect!

Writing this from my bed instead of getting ready to go the the place unmentionable.

sabine said...

Wonderful pictures, Val! It is like looking in a land long before our time. Very impressive, I wish I could be there.

Tamera Wolfe said...

Happy birthday Mr. sparkle!!
What a gorgeous park!! WOW--it's just breath-taking

Tamera Wolfe said...

Happy birthday Mr. sparkle!!
What a gorgeous park!! WOW--it's just breath-taking

Tamera Wolfe said...

Happy birthday Mr. sparkle!!
What a gorgeous park!! WOW--it's just breath-taking

Kezzie said...

Oh Val, what breathtaking photos! I feel like I was there (and wish I was)- not surprised you don't want to return to ...
I love waterfalls, magnificent!xx

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

Wow, those are fabulous photos. My GOODNESS!!!!!!!

Vix said...

Happy Birthday to Mr Val.
That looks absolutely beautiful, like the gorgeous Lake District. Just the thing after all that food! x

The Style Crone said...

I think we should have 'too much of a good thing' as frequently as possible! Your photos are stunning and happy birthday to Mr. Sparkle. Sounds like you did just the right amount of celebrating. The blueberry pancakes are making me hungry.

Thank you for sharing your lovely headband on Hat Attack!

Dawn Elliott said...

I think we can say that you had the perfect vacation, Missy! What incredibly gorgeous vistas and waterfalls, and such. Love the lodge building...I bet you wanted to have your b-berry pancakes on that porch, huh? Did you notice the crocodile climbing up the log in one of your pictures??? Amazing!

Mrs. D said...

What a gorgeous place, looks like you had a great time!
That headband looks so cute and cozy <3

pastcaring said...

No, don't say the W word, keep the holiday vibe going as long as possible!
Your Thanksgiving sounds perfect, and Silver Falls State Park is a spectacular place.
I like too much of a good thing. Let's have more! xxxx

Angele Style said...

Hello, Thank you for this beautiful post. I live in Portland, Oregon and Silver Falls is one of my favorite places. Your photos show why. It is truly an amazing place to explore and be with nature.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

... no farts that YOU know of. I'm sure there were a few butt whispers here and there. Lovely photos by the way.

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

So virtuous you! Walking off the calories! Good for you kids, and Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. S! So happy to see your beautiful neck of the woods.
I feel all cordial and in love with the whole world right after Thanksgiving, and happy that way. Reality creeps in, and I get curmudgeonly, but Dan will start looking forward to "A Christmas Carol" in some iteration or another, and I remember the hope for transformation and redemption in ways that translate into generosity .. and the glow comes back for a while.
Hanging on is what's tough. That's what winter is for ritually, going inside.
Hope you're having a great season, Val. Sparkle on!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Sorry Val i missed some posts - so i will comment on all of them, if you don't mind:)
This is a wonderful place you went to - About your hair, it's perfectly fine, but i know what you mean, the same happens with my fringe -

Your back is alright i guess now? since you went hiking, right? duh!
I don't read much these days, i read blogs! I have a lot of books to read- I was an avid reader in the past -

Have a great weekend Val


Ariane Lasalle said...

Platforms,faux fur, my engagement ring makes my heart skip these days!
Ah your hair! so gorgeous every time i see it - I say i want that hair!
I will let mine grow a bit for my wedding and then i will see about the color!



Melanie said...

What a great way to celebrate another new year for Mr. Sparkle. I hope it's a good one, full of laughter, prosperity, love, and just enough farting to maintain robust health.
Seven waterfalls is a bit excessive. The over-indulgence is surely sinful and must be a legal offense of some kind or another. Arrest that water!
PS I am the crow.