Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Love the Car Wash

Don't we all dream about the Perfect Christmas, enjoying parties and shopping, or maybe hibernating? Of course, it's just a dream. When I was younger I worked in restaurants and retail, so I was always busier at this time of year. Now, for some reason, work is still busier this time of year – mental and financial deadlines for the end of the year, I guess.

This year we also had a late Thanksgiving, a freaky snowy frozen week (which would have been great for hibernating if they had closed the office!), financial decisions and indecisions, a quick but distant road trip, coming back to health problems for both mother and mother-in-law. Then there's spontaneous get-togethers after work, not to mention my usual bowling night, so I'm feeling pulled in all directions!

But I made time for the Car Wash.

I love drive-through car washes! Once I'm in there and the suds start covering the windows, I can feel myself relax. I'm alone, no one can bother me, I can't go anywhere. I have about six minutes to sit quietly in my little cocoon (I rarely remember that I have a cell phone). After the foamy soap muffles all outside noise for a delicious moment, the spray and the brushes start up, scrubbing my mind as well as my car, making everything clean and shiny. And then comes the gentle rinse, like soft rain, trickling down onto the sunroof and the windshield, clearing away all the soap and dirt and grime and tension. Ahhhh, I feel better just thinking about it!

It always ends too quickly. Next time I'll have to get the super triple wax treatment so I can stay longer.

So, I finally got around to taking some new pictures. My hair is looking a little better – it's grown about 2mm and I'm parting it on the other side – so I don’t cringe every time I look in the mirror.

thrifted jeans and shoes; black top - Kohl's; striped top - JCP

These are pretty basic clothes, and the jeans are pretty sloppy looking now that I see these photos. But I like the gray and black with yellow. I'm not sure if the striped top has been photographed since this post, but you've seen the mustard jeans in my last post and also here.

The lipstick is Champagne on Ice by Revlon, and I got complimented on it by one of the younger guys at work.

Apropos of nothing except that I had this song on my mind, check out this totally trippy video for Spill the Wine by Eric Burdon and War on Daily Motion. Remember that song (if you were old enough in 1970)? There's also a live version on YouTube, but you don't get the woman's voice in the background, which is an integral part of the experience!

How do you relax – wine, music, car wash?



Melanie said...

Love those model moves, Val, now your hair has grown about 2mm and you've got your groove on again. I compliment your lipstick too. I recently asked for lipstick lighter than my skin tone as a shop and they looked at me like I was daft. I looked at them like they were dafter.
Yes, I too love a good car wash but now I love my car I can't go through without worrying about damage - I've been destroyed by materialism. To relax I like to eat free mixed nuts at an expensive bar and people-watch.

Sandra said...

There has to be some peace amidst the madness, the Car Wash is a favourite of Mr F, now I understand it! 2mm makes a big difference with parts, I really like your hair, I'm into fakery at the moment, and it keeps the head warm, bonus! relaxing is something I try very hard at and occasionally succeed! x x x

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

I always feel guilty when we go through the car wash. When we had our BMW we were told never to go through them because they ruin your car. Now I feel like a bad car Mom because I'm lazy and take it to the neighbourhood car wash.

To relax I stretch.

I just love your eye glasses. They are such a great shape.


une femme said...

I get claustrophobic in those car washes, so have to close my eyes and turn on the music. :-) Love that black and white sweater with the yellow jeans, always a nice combo.

Aya in Couturgatory said...

I love those car washes, too! They're so relaxing. I also jog and do martial arts to work out my anxiety. I either end up feeling immortal or like I want to heave up a lung and die. Either way, anxiety temporarily mollified. :D

Hooray for hair growing out! I think you look lovely without the 2mm or no, but I understand that hair is such an important and personal thing.

I admire your model poses and your mustard jeans. I'm seeking a pair myself to go under dresses!

Jean at said...

My husband always takes the car to the carwash instead of asking me to; now I know why!! I don't mind though, he needs the moment of peace more than I do. You look great as you pose for the camera. Mustard jeans, stripes, and cool glasses work for me! I never saw anything wrong with your hair, but I'm gad you're feeling better about it. I do understand how that goes.

Hang in there with the holidays. I hope your mother(s) are doing better. My whole year has been topsy turvey with elderly parents on both sides. 'Tis the season, I guess. XXOO

sabine said...

I never saw a car wash session in this way. Next time I will enjoy it more and better. For me walking is the best relaxing.
You look great in your casual striped mustard outfit.
Hope you have more than 6 minutes time out during your Christmas holidays.

ann wood said...

I never thought about a car wash in this way, genius! Maybe it will get me to wash my car more. Hope you get some time to relax around Christmas. Everyone here seems so amped up, I saw two cars going the wrong way on a oneway today. Hope the mothers are doing better soon. We had a good ten years of health difficulties with our parents, this can be really hard. Love the yellow jeans and stripes.

blue hue wonderland

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

I am afraid to wash my car because I think the grime is the only thing keeping it glued together. The enthusiasm running rampant through your new pictures is contagious! Awesome, Val!!!

Ariane Lasalle said...

Ouh Car Wash! It has been a long time since have been to a car wash! But i remember i liked it!
Stop wth your hair! looks ok to me, it will grow back sooner than you think, growing mine again, going for a short bob, can't wait -

What do i do to relax, couple of glasses of wine while i crochet -

Hugs Val! Don't ever cut your own hair again, hahaha!


Paula Ruta said...

Forget the Calgon--bring me to a carwash! Its so true, Val--it is very soothing.
And i totally remember "spill the wine"! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Sitting in the car wash sounds fabulous, a really calming sensory experience. Love your stripey top.... a lot! :)

pao said...

Never heard an automatic carwash sound so sexy. We just don't wash our car.

I do remember spill the wine... ha.

Your hair looks terrific to me. And so does the ensemble you put together. Those colors are always good together.

To relax, I take a nap, usually with a cat, as often as needed.

Byron Walters said...

Six minutes is indeed a short time to be alone in your own world. I never had a quiet moment while I was inside my car at a drive-through car wash. My phone is as busy as bee, and it still rings at those precious moments. Hehe! Anyway, I bet you're a great car owner. Washing your car once in a while will keep the paint from getting damaged. Can you share a photo of your car? Thanks! :)

Byron Walters @

Wendy said...

Omg, you are so pretty!!! Love the yellow pants as well as that War song!