Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's in a name?

This striped top has been seen a lot lately. Here I'm recreating the asymmetric drape from this early post, which was in the wrap-up in my last post.

top - JCP; pants - Lee; belt - thrifted; pin - gift from Bella; screamin' red shoes - Dexter

It's these shiny red alligator loafers that steal the show, though. Smooooooth, huh? And of course I'm going to link up with Shoe Shine at The Citizen Rosebud.

If you saw me playing Black Jack in Vegas you'd probably stay away from my table 'cause I look like such a shark.

You can just call me Slick.

Except Slick is my brother's nickname. It's funny because he's a rugged and sweet guy. He drives dirty old cars that are held together with charisma, and I can't remember a time when he wasn't wearing jeans. Kids and animals love him. The nickname Slick was given to him by his longtime buddy, who must have had a good reason for it. (I'm thinking it had to do with picking up chicks when they were spending a lot of time in bars.) Or it was just meant ironically.

photo taken in my newly tidied Craft Salon, Balinese musical frogs to serenade me
That's how I feel about using the name Val Sparkle - it's kind of ironic. I do like sparkly things – like this belt and pin – but I don't think of myself as sparkly. I don't jump out of bed each morning beaming sunshine out of every orifice. I started using "sparkle" for my Etsy shop, Sparkle Park Designs, because I couldn't think of anything else. But now that's dead, and I'm thinking of rebranding my social media self. Yes, I'm seriously thinking of changing the name of my blog and also my profile name.

What if I just called myself Val?

What if I changed the name of my blog to something short and sweet and new?

And do you have any suggestions?

I might also use a different email address, so I'd have to have a new Google+ profile.

Would you follow me if I changed, or is it all just too much trouble?

Sunday, January 19 - Linking up with Tres Chic Style Bits at Searching the Inner Me.



sabine ingerl said...

Seems your last post inspired you to wear this gorgeous top again. I like it also in this version and I also like the stunning red loafers. What an eye catcher they are.
I will follow you of course, whether you are sparkling or not. Nevertheless I like your blog name. And I think each of us is a sparkle in her own sky.

josep-maria badia said...

I really like the jersey, shoes are cute.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

I'll follow you to the moon and have fun re-creating yourself Val. This is your platform, and you want it to feel like you. I won't suggest anything; it's gotta come from you.

Love, love those red shoes.

Suzanne said...

You want a fresh start. That is always exciting. I'll still follow you. I'm sure you'll come up with a whole list of names.

Love the red shoes!


Unknown said...

I will follow you anywhere, val!
Dont you just love red on the feet? Its like a sexy secret. I have a pair of red booties that i just ADORE. As i do those aligator loafers.
NAMES; hmmm. How about "just Val" lol xoxo

The Style Crone said...

"Cars that are held together with charisma." You crack me up!

The red shoes are spectacular! And about your blog changes. I will follow you wherever your creativity takes you!

Peaches McGinty said...

I will follow you anywhere! it's very exciting having a name change, I like 'Val' - I have to repeat 'cars held together by charisma' though, I love that.
The red alligator shoes are fab, what is it about red shoes? they always make me feel a bit special! ps your stripe asymmetrical top is divine x x x

Unknown said...

Don't we love a pair of red shoes!
Plus i love your stripes top, these are so versatile they go with everything!
I think you don't have to worry- We will all follow you no matter what, change of name or not - You are part of the gang gorgeous:) We would miss you!



bluehuewonderland said...

Sure Val I'd keep following you when you change the name. I don't have any ideas on what to change it to. I do like this sweater, so cool. The red shoes are fun and snappy! It will be interesting to see what name you choose.

blue hue wonderland

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

That top is awesome but those red shoes kick butt!! LOVE!!

I'd still follow you !!

Kezzie said...

Of course I'd follow you whatever your name was but I do like Val Sparkle- it's coool- like you!!x

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

I used to be Modern Filth. That used to be the name of my blog, youtube show (even referring to myself as Modern Filth a few times) and briefly my Etsy store. I changed it so people would wouldn't be afraid to click on my links... Modern Filth? There's no telling what you're going to get with a name like that!

Mrs. D said...

Of course I would follow you!
If you don't identify with your online name go ahead and do a rebranding. But think carefully about it before you do it as you may have to build up your audience again, almost from scratch. :)
Good luck!

Curtise said...

Love that stripy top, and of course the slick red shoes!
You don't beam sunshine from every orifice? Really? well, I demand my money back then, I came for sparkle and I damn well want to see some. Names... they are tricky, I think; finding what fits, getting it right. But whatever you call your blog, we'll be here, admiring it all, shiny or not! xxxx

Lynn said...

I will follow you. I really enjoy your blogs you make me smile.

M @ My Closet Catalogue said...

I covet those red shoes! And a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. Go forth and be brilliant, Val Sparkle. You'll always have a reader in me.

M @

Anonymous said...

Val! Why change your blog? This one goes with your Etsy shop name...
whatever you do dont delete your photos through google+. They'll dissappear from your blog too.
Cute stripes by the way. I just bought something similar at the thrift store I volunteer at. ;)

Seeker said...

You look so stylish!! Why didn't you linked up with “Très Chic Style Bits"?

I like your blog's name, but I know the feeling of getting something new.
Well, whatever you'll be doing I'll follow you.


Seeker said...

Thank you Val for linking up!!!

citizen rosebud said...

Argh! I'm so behind in post reading- I like ya as Val Sparkle, but would follow you under whatever moniker you choose. What best suits you- probably something clever, and pithy.

Pith Black: the Voyages of a Snarky Goth from Eugene, Oregon?

Those red crocs ARE the (cherry) bomb!!! You prolly knew I'd love them, didnuncha? LOVE. Thank you for linking them and you up to shoe shine. Whether or not you're a SParkle, you most definitely are a STAR.

WendyB said...

I kinda like Val Sparkle! It's distinctive!