If you really want to know

Ten fun facts (if you have nothing better to do):

  1. I have lived in Oregon and Washington most of my life...
  2. Except for 10 years living in the north of England after I married my British husband.
  3. I am not into gardening, cooking, religion, sports, or vampires.
  4. I quit dying my hair when I was 48, and I get more compliments on it now than when it was brown.
  5. I got my bachelors degree (in Art History) 15 years after graduating high school, and I got my masters degree (in History of Art) 15 years after my bachelors. I am not working towards a PhD.
  6. Je parle un peu francais, et parlo un po italiano.
  7. I've got a pink bowling ball and I know how to use it.
  8. I prefer cats to dogs, Audrey to Katherine, and sandals to ballet flats.
  9. In my ideal world I would be a freelance editor of art history books, dividing my time between a craftsman bungalow in Seattle and a Bloomsbury mews house in London (and a third place that actually gets sunshine). Sigh.
  10. In reality I live in Eugene, Oregon, and work in administration at an engineering firm. Sigh.

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Shybiker said...

Just noticed this part of your blog which, although it duplicates most of your other post, adds two fun facts. Love your implied description of the bowling ball as a self-defense weapon.

And coincidentally, noting your interest in fine art, my ex- (with whom I'm still close) is a painter and I spent two decades with her hanging out with artists in NYC. Her mentor, in school and later, was Grace Hartigan, a feisty artist with whom we socialized often. Grace told us tales of the art world back in the Fifties when she hung out at the Cedar Tavern with Jackson Pollack, et al.