Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston, Seattle, and Bella

First of all, I want to add a link to Wendy Brandes' blog. Her response to the Boston bombs was to post a quote from Mr. Rogers, and his quote is one of the most positive ways to balance and defeat inhuman humans. His mother had told him to focus on the helpers. Look at all the good people who rush to help others in a tragedy. Personally, I believe there is more innate goodness in people than badness, and this is why so many people truly want to HELP each other. I hope those hurt by this senseless act can take comfort in knowing there are many selfless people who rushed in to help.

Now I'm going to dry my eyes, blow my nose, and tell you about my weekend in Seattle.

First of all, in my last post I was completely wrong about the weather! It was like this -

I stayed with friends at their "Rancho Relaxo" and I did relax. They've got a huge deck and hot tub, a well-oiled corkscrew, and a hill behind the house that they've landscaped with enchanting little trails and sitting places, including a pirate ship tree house.

View from the pirate ship
I met up with my gorgeous friend Zoe. Look at her fab outfit (top by Carole Little, bought on consignment) and her orange and green accessories next to her!

I wore a sheer top (JCP) with a turquoise camisole (Old Navy) and pendant from my own "atelier."

I went to the Seattle Art Museum and got filled up on culture. I was especially mesmerized by this one by Sir Joshua Reynolds, which is huge -
Mrs. Musters as 'Hebe' - Source
There is so much movement and looseness in the drapery and her hair. I almost caught myself patting my own hair back into place because it looked so windy. And her face is just lovely.

I went to the shop - of course - and bought a couple tiny things, and they gave me a free book!
Free book! and rubber bracelets from Africa
Obviously they were trying to get rid of them, but it's a $50 book with 118 color plates! Yes, I had to carry it around with me, but was I going to say no?

I snapped a pic of my reflection to show you my urban commando outfit: a cross-body bag that is soft and enormous (Target); a black hoodie jacket (Style & Co. from Macy's) worn under a fail-safe, lightweight, black raincoat (no label - I've had this for years and have the pictures to prove it); a scarf (hand-me-down); Levi's (thrifted); and short black boots (thrifted).

I walked through Pike Place Market...

Then to Pioneer Square, where I saw a shop called Diva Dollz. Not really my style, but still drool-worthy.

Diva Dollz

Look at this shoe!
On Monday morning, after a little dip in the hot tub, I went to Fremont for my first blogger meet-up!!!

Bella Q in the Citizen Rosebud 'hood
Check out that amazing dress and the gorgeous smile! Bella is bubbly, beautiful, easy to talk to, and so full of life. We talked non-stop for just a few hours until I had to hit the road. Next time I'll plan for a whole afternoon - it was so fun to meet her!

I picked out this light cotton wrap from her shop. I'm also modeling a sparkly pin Bella gave me.
I'm still off work, so no make-up; ergo, no face photos!

 The wrap is made by Marketplace - Handwork of India, a fair trade, not for profit organization. Check out the label and the embroidery. I'm going to love wearing this!

And here's the pin again, which is very similar to a green one that came from a great-aunt, not sure which one.

So pretty! I'll style these things properly in another post very soon. But by now I'm sure you're a little tired and maybe parched. Go have a drink, a little snack, a nap. Thanks for stopping by!


PS - I don't receive anything from including links, but I just want to save you the time if you want to find out more.


Kelly Jackson said...

Looks like you had a great time in a great city, Val, and so cool that you met up with Bella! Your wrap is funky-ethnic and the sparkly bit from Bella is so pretty. Xo

Becky said...

I want to go to relaxo ranch! Your meet-up looks like a blast! Jealous! The painting is absolutely amazing.
Becky :)

Susan B said...

I'm so envious of your meetup with Bella! I'll bet you two had a wonderful time. Love your Seattle pictures, and what a lovely yard your friends have!

Sheila said...

Oh, you had lovely weather! We had crazy hail last weekend. I need to go to that Diva Dollz store!

How cool to meet Bella! Love your drapey cardi and sparkly pins.

Ofelia said...

A tremendous vacation! Seattle is an amazing city a bit pricey for me but full of life and choices.
You meet beautiful Bella, how lucky!

Megan G said...

What a lovely meet-up! That shop window is so pretty. I can appreciate a good window, even if it's not my flavor.

Anonymous said...

Seattle is a lovely city. I was lucky enough to visit many years ago and I felt very welcomed everywhere I went.
I'm so jealous that you got to meet Bella! She's one of my favorite people - she wears her goodness on her sleeve and it's prettier than anything else she'll ever wear ;-)
Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Spashionista (Alicia)

The Style Crone said...

You met Bella!!! How exciting and such a beautiful photo of her. In fact, it looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time in Seattle.

Love the 'happy' photo of you and your friend!

Veshoevius said...

Been watching the news here about Boston in disbelief - you are right - in times like these the goodness of those willing to help shines through.
Looks like you had a wonderful holiday and you met Bella! How wonderful!
Thanks also for the tip about the National Trust afternoon teas - will look them up!

Suzanne said...

I love love love Diva Dollz. Normally the sales associates are dressed beautifully.

So great you got to meet Bella. She looks stunning in the pic.

Seems like you had a wonderful time. Lucky that the weather was good.


Anonymous said...

I would love to visit that market one day. Just the scents must be extraordinary when walking past all that fresh food.

Oh, and I would jazz up a chambray shirt or a denim jacket with the pin. It's what I do with mine and people always notice them right off the bat. xox

Glad you had fun!

Vix said...

The more I see of Seattle, the more I want to visit! I'm so jealous of you meeting Bella and absolutely love the Indian top! x

ZalinaW said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. In turn, I am viewing yours and I love your photos! What a wonderful, coincidence that you live in Eugene, Oregon. I was born in Portland, Oregon and lived in Eugenge for a few years too. I love the Northwest in the Summer.Have a beautiful week.

citizen rosebud said...

Val Sparkle! It was such a great thing to meet you- how immediate and natural it was to talk and hang out with you. Time flew, and I hope another meet up is in the cards soon.

I LOVE my pin! Am wearing it now. Even wore it for a photograph where it didn't "go" with the outfit. But I had to wear it. It is precious and already a favorite.

Your pics are so good. I love Ranch Ranchy, and you've inspired me to hit the SAM soon.

You and your friend both have great taste in glasses- and you both look fantastic.

Muah! -Bella Q

Anonymous said...

So glad you had fun in Seattle and that the weather cooperated for you! Bella is a wonderful person and I'm happy you got to spend time with her!

Isn't Diva Dollz great? I must confess that I've never shopped there but I love the vintage pinup feel about it.

Curtise said...

It looks as though you had the best time in Seattle, Val! What a cool place your friends have, I love the outside space.
Fabulous to meet Bella, looking hot in leopard print, and the art and the shopping look wonderful. Great top you chose, I can see you wearing that a lot. xxx

WendyB said...

What a pleasure to see your beautiful photos after the ugliness of this week! xoxo

Unknown said...

Nice that you met Bella!
Seattle is a fab city lucky you

Ariane xxx

sabine ingerl said...

I see you had wonderful days in Seattle. The rancho is so amazing, the name speaks for itself.
In Bella's shop I could stay for hours, the cardigan you found is fantastic. I'm curious how you will combine it.

Melanie said...

Oh, I am wishing I was there, just a few hours would have made it... What a fun time you had. By the the way, I snapped my reflection around 1:30. I'm sure our vibes collided over Bellingham around 2:15. LOL.
Bella's shop is awesome. Your friend looks beautiful, not to mention the place you stayed. I can imagine a sleeping bag in the pirate's ship in the summer. Glad you had a fun and safe trip, Val!

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

Can your friends be my friends? Looks totally fab. So glad you were able to have a glorious time, and thank you for taking us along. I'm going to be out that way soon, I believe. Where are you? I'm really trying to get up to Seattle. I'll be in Portland. I HAVE to meet the fabulous Bella, too. XXOO

Unknown said...

ah, Val. You lucky gal to meet Bella in person!!!
I left a comment on your Google+ post-I see you fixed the problem?
let me know what u did!

Megan said...

Those shoes are Miss L Fire! I saw them at the same store where I got these shoes. http://thefashionablebureaucrat.blogspot.ca/2013/04/same-dress-new-day.html

They're so awesome!